Sunday, August 30, 2009

Excercising the Ol' Grey Matter

Lately I've been trying out new ways to stay awake in church. Coffee and Red Bull haven't helped, and standing up at the back gets tiring for a while, plus when I do that I have to fight the urge to start pacing. I used to read the Bible during sermons, but when I finished Esther and Nehemiah for the second time without coming across any better books I decided to give that up for a while, too.

Last week my sister was told by my dad to memorise the Beatitudes. I decided to see if I could memorize them before her. I could, but that was because my sister didn't even bother to begin memorizing them. Anyway, it kept me awake, so I decided to try and do the same thing with a different bit of the Bible this week. I picked 1 Corinthians 13 (the chapter that talks all about what love (or charity, for those of you with the King James Version) is) because I thought it might come in handy at a wedding, plus it was a very poetic piece of Paul's prose and thus easy to remember. Once again I managed to memorize it and once again it was a nice way to keep from falling asleep.

Next up I'll either do the Ten Commandments, Philemon (So I can say that I have memorized an entire book of the Bible), or that badass made-up verse that Samuel L. Jackson quoted before he killed dudes in Pulp Fiction. Should be fun.

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