Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poolside Monopoly

(Originally written on July 15th, 2009)

Today I took my bike home after college to pick up some books so I could do my homework at college. I worked in front of the class where the biology lecture was supposed to be held and there wasn't anybody there except the lecturer. He was an okay dude. In one and a half hours I managed to solve one calculus problem. When the class ended, two girls walked out. Apparently this was Biology 2. I did not know that the number at the back was the student count, but now I do. The more you know, eh?

The day was still salvagable, however. A bunch of friends were still hanging around and trying to think of somewhere to go to chill. After going through a list of malls and such we settled on my house because it was nearby and had a pool and I would buy a plate a fries from the restaurant we got by the pool.

We got to my house, enjoyed the view for a bit, took Monopoly down to the poolside and played for a while. Nobody wanted to sell anything to me even when I offered everything I had so I was the first guy who went bankrupt. After that I settled into my role as banker and gave advice to a girl who went on to win the game. I also bought everyone fries, but they were gone in a matter of minutes. We ended the game a bit early because there was a pretty clear winner already. At the start of the game I had said that the loser would get thrown into the pool, and they wanted me to follow through on that, so I took out my cell phone, keys, and wallet and stripped to my jeans. I did not manage to drag anyone in with me, but I did manage to soak someone with a hug.

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