Thursday, August 20, 2009

Movie Night

(This one's not from Facebook so it is out of order from the rest of them. It was originally written on July 17th, 2009)

So tonight there was a movie night/pajama party at college to raise funds for something or other. I went because my crush had convinced me to buy a ticket and because she was going to be there. Most people had pretty loose definitions of pajamas, but I wore the exact stuff I sleep in: clothes that are light, comfortable, and rather hideous. When the movie started, I managed to get a set next to her. She had brought along a girl from high school who was one of her old friends. The movie was Quarantine, and she spent more than half of the movie with her hands in front of her face or her fingers in her ears. I honestly didn't find it that scary. It was predictable enough that nothing shocked me, and I saw all the twists coming (I knew the CDC had snipers outside the windows and would shoot the first guy that tried to use that to get out, I knew that the infection was mutated rabies when the dude started describing the symptoms, I knew that there was some lab up in the building rented by that Boston guy who only dropped by every few months that was probably the cause of the infection, etc, etc) but the girls and the dude in front of me were pretty scared. At one point I leaned in front to tell the dude that the virus was pretty much exactly like Left 4 Dead and he practically jumped out of his seat. That was great. Unfortunately the girls huddled with each other so I did not get my hand grabbed during a scary part or anything like that.

After the movie was over we played Taboo. The night went downhill a bit after that. I got "Booby trap", "Bill Clinton", and "Kiss-and-tell", and the descriptions I used were hardly PG. One of my guesses ("When your phone is in silent mode it..." "Vibrates?! Vibrations?! Vibrator?!") was pretty lewd, too. So yeah, now most of the people who went that night think that I am some kind of pervert.

Anyway when everyone else went home I went with the L4D dude to get some McDonald's. Apparently he recognized me from this public speaking thing I went to ages ago when I was still homeschooling, and he asked about a dude we know whose brother (a friend of my brother) was staying over at my place for the last week or so. That was a bit of a coincidence.

All in all it was an okay night. I could've done with less provocative cards, honestly, but whatever.

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