Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Break's Over

So today college started again. I woke up a bit early because I thought I had a cell group meeting for my Christian Fellowship, but it turns out that that's been cancelled due to the Chinese New Year break. I got to college a little late for my Finite Mathematics class. It was half-empty. Since I had finished Guns, Germs, and Steel, I started reading The Lexus and the Olive Tree again. I couldn't remember where I left off, though, so I may have re-read some sections. Oh well.

After college I had some fries from McDonald's, and they were really good. I like it when that happens.

When I got home I watched Lost and Toy Story 2 and read the homework for my Baptism class, but then I called Ian and found out we don't have a Baptism class today.

Hannah wanted to go to McDonald's for dinner, so I offered to drive her in return for permission to read the fourth Princess Diaries book. She accepted, but there weren't any cars available so I grabbed the motorcycle keys instead. Luckily, my dad was downstairs when we were talking to the bike, so he took us to Wendy's instead. It was pretty good. We got to eat Baskin Robbins for dessert. I had Cotton Candy flavoured ice cream with gummy bears on top. That was nice.

Back at home I gambled and swiftly lost RM20, and then I did my exercises. Also, Hannah threw a cat on me.

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