Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quizzes and More Birthdays

On Thursday, I had two quizzes and an assignment to submit. The quizzes were easy enough, and my assignment was turned in on time, so that was nice.

I slept on the couch at night because I was too lazy to take a shower and exercise. I did all that when I woke up the next morning.

It was Faith and Jan's birthday on Friday. I went to Christian Fellowship before celebrating. The speaker was a guy who was detained under the ISA for a while a few decades ago. He wrote a book about his experiences, which I bought. It was pretty good.

For Jan's birthday we celebrated with some cake and a meal at Chili's. After that we had a lot of people over for poker. I managed to win RM30, so that was nice.

Also I bought my first can of beer today, and I finished that Zero Hour GLA campaign, and Hannah gave me my birthday present, which was marshmallows and licorice.

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