Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Practically a Vacation Day

Today I woke up late, but since I had no tests I went back to sleep and woke up even later. That was nice. I had cereal for lunch and spent a lot of time on the computer. I drove around with Hannah to get fast food. That was tasty.

I haven't do any Physics studying yet. I'll do that after this show about riots is finished. I also watched this show about large fish. That was pretty cool.

Hannah isn't letting me read any more Princess Diaries books because I creased the last one and dropped it in a puddle that had formed under our couch because of the rain. I'm glad it rained (It's been bloody hot lately), but I am sad that the book is kinda ruined now. Oh well.

Oh yeah, a few days ago Ian and Jan bought Modern Warfare 2, which is cool because I can finally see something new when I glance at their screens. I am so sick of DotA and CoD 4.

I'm still stuck on that damn Zero Hour level.

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