Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Days, One Post

Eh. On Tuesday I just went for my Psychology class and came home and tried to get past the level in Zero Hour that I'm stuck on but I could not. Instead I dropped Hannah off so she could watch Valentine's Day with Audrey. I went with Ian and Jan to pick the girls up and after dropping Audrey back home we had some fast food and then we went back home.

On Wednesday my aunt came over from Australia. She and her roommate are staying in Hannah's room, so Hannah has to sleep with Susanna and Aunty Rosie again. Susanna threw some cards onto our neighbour's balcony and they returned it to us. I was not aware we had such good-looking neighbours. Anyway I had some spaghetti carbonara for an early dinner and then I went with Jan and Ian for baptism class at church.

I'm still stuck on that Zero Hour level.

Oh yeah, also, I met my second semester Advanced English classmate, Jeh Ying, at Popeyes on Monday. I forgot to mention that in the other post.

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