Monday, February 1, 2010

Broken Headphones and Overspending

On Saturday I woke up late and spent pretty much all day indoors. I rewatched Shaun of the Dead and at night I went out for McDonald's with Joel and Jan.

On Sunday Ian and I tried to fix Hannah's internet while everyone else went to Ipoh. After we were done fiddling with the wires and such we went on our computers. At one point I popped out to the kitchen for a snack and when I returned, my headphones were broken. I called my dad and he said that I could buy new headphones, but it would count as my birthday present.

I took a nap while Ian played poker. When I woke up we went to Bangsar Village to get some headphones and something for the internet, and also some dinner. We ended up misunderstanding a RM20 voucher and overspending our budget. The food was good, though.

When I got home I checked out my headphones and found that the wire was pathetically short. The sound quality is excellent, though. I just can't move my head around that much.

Anyway I finished the USA campaign for Generals and then I wrote this. My birthday's in three days and my Psychology assignment and Physics and Finite Mathematics quizzes are in four days. I think I'll write my Psychology thing tomorrow.

Oh yeah, Ian also managed to fix Hannah's internet connection, so that was nice.

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