Monday, February 1, 2010

Frustrating Day

Today I woke up early because I had to drive Jan to some BB meeting or something. When I got home I played through the USA campaign of Zero Hour. I got stuck on one mission that was terribly frustrating. Also, my new headphones barely give me any room to move my head, so that was irritating, too.

At four I went to pick Jan up, but first I had to fill up the Kancil since the tank was empty. When I got to where Jan was, his meeting wasn't finished. I ended up waiting for half an hour before he was done. On our way back we stopped to check our bank accounts to see if our dad had given us our birthday money, but he had not.

Back at home, Hannah asked me to take her somewhere tomorrow so she could get premiere tickets to Valentine's Day. I'll have to take her right after I get back from college. Bah.

Anyway, right when I was about to take a nap, Ian told me that there was an opportunity to play a 4 vs 4 L4D2 game, so of course I went with him. When we got there we waited an hour for the eighth person, who never arrived, so we played 3 vs 3 instead. For some reason I played pretty terribly and we lost, so that sucked.

Back at home my dad told me he had deposited my birthday money already, but I couldn't log into my Maybank2u account to check.

Also I realized that my birthday is gonna be pretty lame. I'm basically going to have dinner and then get drunk and that will be it, since I've only got one friend who's confirmed they'll be free on the day and if there's only going to be one person then I might as well not bother.

I'll write the outline for my dream analysis thing so it'll be easier to do it last-minute on Wednesday.

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