Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whoa, a Concert

I woke up from a really weird dream this morning. It involved placebos and a bomb and a wedding and people I know and people I don't and other stuff. I wrote it all down because it might be useful for my Psychology dream journal.

I had a meeting for the HMC Rush Race at college. It was at 12:30, and I arrived at college at 12:45. I spent a while searching for the meeting, and I only found out later that I had passed it on the way in. Anyway, it turns out the comedic sketch has been replaced by a talent show, so I dropped out of the committee. I won't be in HELP any more when the event is held, anyway.

After the meeting, I took a nap. It was quite brief. I then bought some chips from Giant. They both weighed the same, but one was one ringgit while the other was two-fifty. The cheap one was pretty lame.

I finished one packet of chips and drove to refill my motorcycle. All the pumps were closed when I arrived, but they were opened just as I was leaving. The fuel only cost RM5, so that was nice.

At home I shared my chips with Hannah and Susanna and then I went on the computer for a bit. After a while, Hannah came in and told me that there was a free Boys Like Girls concert being held at Bukit Kiara. I told her to get ready because we were definitely going.

Unfortunately, all our cars were unavailable, so we had to take a cab. It was really jammed and cost ten ringgit to get there.

Once we were there we squeezed ourselves into line and waited for a bit, and when we got in we squeezed ourself as close to the front as we could. We got pretty close. After about an hour of waiting, a couple of DJs came on and played a mish-mash of popular music. I was pretty disappointed when they played Smells Like Teen Spirit without lyrics.

Anyway, the DJs finished and we were introduced to our host, who was someone famous that I did not recognize. The first thing he introduced was the president of Nokia, whose accent led me to believe he was South African or something. He talked about phones and music for a bit, and then he left to let the show continue.

The opening acts weren't as good as at the Digi concert with the All-American Rejects. Pretty much all the songs were in either Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese, and I didn't recognize any of the bands. Also a few people near the front fainted, so everyone got to move just a little bit closer.

When Boys Like Girls finally started playing, everyone was very happy. Their opening song was a cover of I Gotta Feeling, which then transitioned into Love Drunk. They played a bunch of songs that I knew and a bunch that I didn't, and they ended with The Great Escape. Martin Johnson climbed into the crowd and sang the second last song on someone's shoulders, and through all the songs picks and water bottles were being thrown into the crowd. A pick bounced off my head and fell on the floor, where it stayed for a little while before I found it. That was nice. Later, another pick bounced off my head. I spent considerably longer looking for it, but I couldn't find it. Hannah went searching and she came up with it, so we both had picks. That was nice. I carried Hannah on my back for a bit during The Great Escape, but after the first verse there was too much pushing so I put her down. I wanted to jump around anyway.

After the show was over, water bottles and picks and towels and drum sticks were all thrown into the crowd. Hannah caught Martin Johnson's towel, but a bunch of other girls caught it, too. They decided to cut it up and split it. We lost the girls, though, so Hannah never got her piece of towel. Oh well, at least she got a pick. She also found a one ringgit note on the floor, and I found a lighter. There were also a pair of shorts and a shirt on the floor.

When everything was over, we gave Ian a call and he came to pick us up. I didn't end the concert as thirsty as I thought I would. That was nice.

Um, we also met some other HELP students at the concert. They were doing their A-levels. I can't be arsed to slot that in the proper place of this post. It's late.

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