Friday, November 20, 2009

Cute Bike

I was on my motorcycle at a traffic light and another motorcyclist stopped next to me. He turned to me and told me that my license plate was crooked. I said I knew. Then he commented on how small my motorcycle was. I said I knew. Then he said that it was a "cute bike". I thought, "Holy shit; that is literally what everyone says when they see it. My motorcycle is apparently so cute that strangers will strike up conversation with me just to inform me of how cute it is. Wow. I will never impress anyone on this thing." Also I said I knew. After that we talked about where we were going and why were going there, and then we stared at passing cars until the light turned green and we drove off and we never saw each other again.

Earlier on in the day, after EMA, I made a note of all my homework in my notebook. Some of it is due tomorrow, and I have done none of it. Well, except for the second draft of my argumentative essay which was due on Saturday at 11pm but I submitted a couple of hours ago because that is when I thought it was due.

Li Ying, Elo, and Arun are back from camp. I talked to them about the room arrangements and who slept where. There were separate rooms for girls and guys, but apparently the campers couldn't be bothered with that kind of segregation so girls and guys slept wherever. Also, there were three people for each room and each room had two beds. That meant that at least two people had to share a bed, or else someone had to leave the room or sleep on the floor. I don't think I could share a bed with a stranger, but those at the camp seemed to have no problem. Elo said that on the last night she had slept in the same bed as Arun and his roommate. I told her that that meant I could say that she had slept with two dudes in the same night. She said that sounded wrong. I said that was exactly why it was going to be so fun to tell Carmeni. Luckily for Elo, though, I had forgotten all about that conversation when I saw Carmeni later on that day.

Christian Fellowship was fun today. First I fixed a broken door with the multitool I carry around for exactly such situations, and then we had a prayer walk/hunt. Each group would get a clue with a word scramble on top and some prayer suggestions on the bottom. Unscrambling the clue would reveal the place we had to go to next. On the way there we would pray for the items on the list. When we got there we'd do a challenge for our next clue. The challenges were charades, hangman, and figuring out the missing elements in the periodic table, in that order. The prayer items were college-related. It was fun. I guess it was also kind of spiritually beneficial.

After almost 11 years, I'm resigning from the Boys' Brigade. It's the oldest uniformed body in the world for youths, and I was in one of the largest companies in KL. I don't have (m)any friends there. I used to enjoy it somewhat because my friends from primary school was there, but recently they've all left except for one, and I'm not that close to Ashley. I'm not close to anyone. Anyway, I've got a lot of responsibilities in the company that I'm capable of handling, but I don't want to handle them because it's a thankless and also kinda pointless job. There are other reasons, but I don't want post them because then it would seem like I'm just quitting because I'm a whining bitch (even though I totally am).

Anyway, assume you are locked in a room with a perfect clone of your current self. There are no doors, no windows, no cracks. The clone will completely disappear in one hour, and then you will be released from the room by, let's say, robots. No one will see what you do, no one will ever know what happens, no one on the outside world will ever even know that you were locked in a room with your clone for an hour. What would you do?

My friend wanted to thank me for helping her with her Argumentative Essay by buying me some snacks or something, but I said that accepting material rewards wouldn't be right. Instead I asked her if she could thank me by satisfying my curiosity and answering the above question. She said she'd probably fight herself or have sex with herself to see what it was like, but if she could only do one thing it would be the fighting. I said that I would only pick sex if the parameters were changed so that the clone was exactly like me in every way except she was female, and she agreed that if the clone was of a different sex that screwing them was totally okay. With the conditions above, of course, I would love to beat myself up, mostly because I kinda hate myself for doing a lot of stupid things, and this would be a chance for me to vent my anger on an acceptable target. For more reading on this you can read the blog post where I got the question from.

Speaking of friends and homework, I've got to remember that I'll be studying Venn diagrams with Amanda tomorrow. I think that is it for now.

Oh yeah, I also took a nap at around 7 or 8pm on Thursday but somewhere along the line I forgot that it was a nap and the next thing I knew it was 6am and I needed to get ready for college. On the plus side I was already dressed, but I also had missed a shower and I had to brush my teeth with extra vigour because I had slept through my usual dental hygiene time from the past night.

Okay now I think that is it for now.

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