Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Pointless and Inconsequential Babble

Zombieland was awesome. I watched it twice when I should have been writing my Moral Studies survey and my Advanced English argumentative essay. I'm glad Jan says the main character reminds him of me. I much prefer being likened to Columbus than Fogel from Superbad.

Hannah's friend, Ebony, thinks I am the least annoying of Hannah's brothers, but my hair makes me look like a ten-year-old. Joanna thinks I should cut it. Looks like Jia Yin and Effie's advice from the start of the semester wasn't so sound after all.

Ian was a colossal prick about the door being locked. We were all in the room and couldn't hear him outside until Jan's friend, Joel, told us that the phone was ringing. When I went outside I heard Ian banging on the door, so I unlocked it. I shouldn't've. He was screaming at me for the next ten minutes or so for not hearing him, the whole time conveniently forgetting that I had been in the same situation a few weeks ago and I didn't get anywhere near as upset with him for not hearing the doorbell and phone. Also, it was totally his fault for being stuck outside because he had forgotten that I had cell phone sitting on my desk and he could have called me at any time and I would have heard it and let him in. He got so upset in his forgetful rage that he shoved me. Later he told me I should consider myself lucky that he didn't hit me instead. Yeah, because I'm so fortunate to be living with a brother who only resorts to minor physical violence when he's upset. Man, I'd pity his girlfriend for being stuck with a potential domestically abusive chode, but he'd have to have one in the first place before I could do that.

Anyway I'm going to do all twenty questions for my survey and at least get a draft of the argumentative essay done before I go to bed. There, now it's on the internet, so it must be done. Ugh, I'm regretting that promise already. Oh well, it's for the best in the end.

Also yay, going to get some fancy trousers tomorrow for the ball. Should be fun.

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