Monday, November 30, 2009

Buying Cakes is Harder than I Thought

Yesterday, my brothers and our friend, Joel, went to play Left 4 Dead 2 after church. It was awesome. I am getting that game during the semester break.

Today it was Joanna's birthday, so when I saw her this morning at college I said that I would get her some cake after my classes were done. I had already wished her a happy birthday on Facebook and via text, but I wanted an excuse to have cake because cake is delicious.

Anyway, my first class was Advanced English. We got our scores back for our presentations. I did about as well as I had expected with a 4.4 out of 5, which was better than I should've for the effort I put into the slides. The highest score in class was from Ka Jeng, who got 4.9 out of 5, which is pretty awesome. I knew when she was presenting that she was gonna score higher than me, and probably get the top score. It was either her or Marcus. Marcus got 4.85, so my guess was totally justified. Alessandra didn't do too badly, either. After we got our presentation scores back we also got our scores for our research papers. I scored 13.83 out of 15. Marcus got 14.17 because he had pictures and graphs. If I had included a graph in my paper I would have tied with him. It wasn't really fair, though. His research paper was miles better than mine. I threw mine together in a couple of nights, and all my citations are clumped in the introduction with the body and content being 100% bullshit. His paper is well-researched and cited and overall pretty awesome. I'm not complaining, though. I like high scores. But yeah, the continuous assessment for Advanced English will be on the board by Thursday, so we can all check then and see who the best is. I can say with great certainty that it isn't going to be me. I didn't put much effort into my assignments. I might have had a shot if I did, but Marcus and Ka Jeng are pretty strong competition. I think Marcus might be the top scorer this year. I'll be surprised if he doesn't get a HD.

When class was over I stopped to chat with people in the hall on my way to McDonald's. Apparently Almas, my classmate from CTS, has been trading since he was 17. He's the sole breadwinner for his family until they open a restaurant. He showed me the program he uses to track currencies in real-time and told me about the time he lost RM8000 in one day and the other time he gained RM3500 by working from 5am 'til the end of the day. That is some impressive stuff.

I had a pretty big breakfast meal at McDonald's. Unfortunately the ice machine was broken, so I had to have my Milo hot. I tried drinking it, but I burned my tongue instead. After that I just used it to dip my McMuffin in before finally getting impatient and dumping an ice-cream in it to cool it down. I was still hungry afterwards.

At 11 I had my optional Physics class. I could have chosen not to go and I wouldn't have lost any attendance marks since it was the last week, but I went anyway. We did some revision on concave and convex mirrors, and then I fell asleep when we revised rotational motion. I woke up a few minutes later at the end of class.

I met up with Carmeni and Elo and Li Ying and the rest of them and asked if anyone wanted to go with me to get some cake for Joanna, but they were all too lazy or something, so I went myself. I came back with two identical slices of chocolate cake, but no candles, utensils, or napkins. I told the girls that that's why I wanted someone to come with me. They did not anticipate that I would have so much difficulty buying cake. Anyway I went to get the necessary goods, and when I came back they told me that when buying multiple slices of cake you should have each slice be of a different type of cake. These cake-rules are confusing. This is why I wanted a cake-buying partner. They should have listened to me when I asked.

Anyway, they called up Joanna and told her that she had to get down here urgently, so she came down and we sang happy birthday and took pictures with the cake and candles. I ate a lot of cake. I probably ate more cake than Joanna did, but I think it's okay because I only ate from one slice and I let everyone else have at least one forkful, plus I paid for the cakes anyway. It was really good cake. I want similar cake for my birthday.

Mmm, cake.

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