Monday, November 2, 2009


I should spend more time studying and less time hanging out with groups I don't belong to. At the very least I should spend my not-studying time with friends who actually care if I'm there or not, since right now it seems that the only reason most people have me around is because they're too polite to tell me I should leave.

I do know a few people who care, but the problem is I rarely ever see them, and when I do they're usually with a bunch of other people who I don't really know or get along with that well. Whenever I do get the chance to talk to them one-on-one, though, I really enjoy it, so at least there's that.

This post was mostly prompted by a conversation I had earlier today with Effie (who is definitely one of the people that I'm talking about in the second paragraph of this post), but the thoughts I'm expressing here have been kicking around in my head for quite a while now. I guess I should start to act on them. Next time I've got a break, I'll find a cozy place to read a book in instead of wandering around looking for the company of people who aren't that spectacular to be around anyway.

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