Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fixed a Leak with a Lie

The secret I am keeping is of much greater magnitude than I previously believed. A lot of people who I thought would know actually don't, which means that keeping this quiet is even more important. Once I found this out, I told Carmeni that it turns out I had heard a false rumor and that there actually was no secret. She bought it, so now I don't have to worry about any more questions from her. She was suspecting it to be something else about someone else anyway, so I think that the secret's safe for now. I hope I forget about it soon. I won't be able to tell anyone I'm keeping a secret if I forget I have a secret.

Five classes today, all of them were okay.

I got more homework in EMA. I don't know when I'll do them, but it will have to be sometime before Thursday, because that's when our last quiz is.

We learned about Science and Pseudoscience in CTS. That was interesting.

I had McDonald's for lunch. It wasn't worth what I paid. The twister fries are a very clever marketing ploy that I fall for every time.

The ATM said there was a problem with my card, but I couldn't get through to the bank when I called them.

We did an experiment involving the refraction of light in Physics. It was cool.

I watched some presentations for Advanced English.

I went to Moral Studies class before everyone else arrived, went to sleep, and woke up a little after class started. There weren't many people there today.

I went to the bank after college to see about my card. It worked fine when I got there. That was odd.

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