Monday, November 16, 2009

Not So Alone After All

I was talking to people in college today and apparently I'm not the only one who thought the ball kinda sucked. The organizers really should have found a way to include more than ten minutes of dancing for the people attending. Seriously what is the point of a ball if there's not going to be any dancing for 95% of the whole thing?

Anyway I finished reading my Critical Thinking Skills textbook today. I still think it's a really interesting textbook. I'm gonna keep it and lend it to Hannah after this semester is over. I'm definitely not selling it.

I've been sick for a week now. It was raining again this afternoon, just like last week. This time the rain stopped before I rode home, so I guess I won't be getting any sicker than I already am.

Li Ying, Elo, and Arun have gone to this camp in PD or perhaps Pangkor or somewhere with a P, at least. I wonder if/when they're going to replace their classes. It was Arun's birthday today, but I'm not sure if anyone from college got to wish him a happy birthday. I'd rather spend my birthday in college than at a camp, I guess I hope he doesn't feel the same way or today would be kinda sucky for him.

I had lunch with Denise and Jia Yin. Well, technically that's not true. They had lunch while I waited for my order of French fries to arrive before finding out almost an hour later that the guys at the counter had forgotten my order again. This is the second time I have waited for fries that did not come. I maintain my opinion that Spinky's is one of the suckiest places to go for lunch in Pusat Bandar Damansara.

During lunch we talked about Denise and her ex-boyfriend and whether they should get together during his semester break even though they'll have to be apart again when his next semester starts. I said I thought they should, since knowing that something is going to end shouldn't prevent you from enjoying that thing, and Jia Yin agreed. Denise said she didn't think going through all the end-of-relationship emotions and stuff was too high of a price to pay for two months of niceness, so she's not going to do anything. I would totally pay that price if I was in the same situation.

We also talked about the rain and why it was nice. Jia Yin said it was nice because it was depressing, but I said I thought that was the wrong word. Denise said it was nice because it was gloomy and I said it was nice because it was moody, but I don't think any of those words are the right ones. I would look up the correct adjective right now, but I'm lazy.

I also remember talking about apologies. I mentioned that I had learned that it was possible to apologize too early, but I was unsure if there was such a thing as an apology that was too late. The girls said that there it was never too late to apologize. I said that past a certain point it would just be digging up old dirt and that the easiest thing to do was to keep avoiding the person you offended, especially when you'd have nothing to lose because you two weren't really friends in the first place and you haven't spoken since the offense was committed so there didn't seem to be much hope there anyway. Denise said maybe that person might be waiting for you to apologize, but I think it would be slightly more obvious if that was the case. In the end I decided that it would be easier to just avoid people you've offended and not apologized to for a long while, especially if you soon won't see them again. The only downside is you won't know whether they stopped caring about the offense or were still mad at you, but whatever.

Also clothes were talked about, I guess.

After lunch I went to buy some fries from McDonald's, but as I was walking along the college corridor I saw these dudes playing Borderlands. I was passing by just as they were fighting the final boss. They defeated him and there was the infamous shitty end cutscene (so terribly unsatisfying) and then the considerably less shitty credits. I talked with them about Borderlands and Left 4 Dead 2 and Modern Warfare 2 before they had to go for class, so we said "nice meeting you" to each other and I was off to get my French fries.

The fries were nice. I'm not sure whether seven-fifty for two large packets is worth it, but I had the money and I was hungry so whatever.

I went home, took a three-hour nap, faffed about on the computer for three hours, began working on my 2000-word moral assignment that I had known about for 11 weeks but only started yesterday, and got distracted by blogging. I still have 1500 words to go or something and the thing is due tomorrow. I'm going to be up quite late tonight, I think.

Oh yeah, I also got a text from Denise telling me to have some rest and get well soon. That was nice of her.

Right, time to get back to work.

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