Saturday, November 14, 2009

Failure and a Ball

I failed my first quiz of this semester. It was for EMA. I fell asleep studying for it the night before. It's not exactly a good omen.

I found out from Zach that there's a latch under the seat of every motorcycle where you can attach your helmet strap to so it doesn't get stolen. That would have been handy information to have before Thursday.

I managed to nap for around ten minutes before having to get ready for the ball.

I left for the ball in a perfectly fitting shirt, trousers, and tie with a slightly oversized jacket at 6:20. I took my brother's car, which he was gracious enough to lend to me.

I got stuck in a jam and then lost and only managed to find the hotel at 7:50.

While I was lost I saw a truck from the Sheraton Imperial, which I thought was a funny coincidence.

I parked behind the hotel and got charged RM10 for it, but I had the money it was okay.

I arrived at the elevators at the same time as Mr Joel and Ms Annie, my EMA & Calculus and Intermediate English lecturers, respectively. It took me a few minutes to be certain that Ms Annie was Ms Annie. I have trouble recognizing people when they've got makeup and really different clothes on.

I found out that the ball hadn't started yet. This was relieving.

I found my table. I knew three people there.

I found Elo's when Elo called me over. I didn't recognize her because of her makeup. Her dress was awesome, though.

I met Joanna and I managed to recognize her.

I met a few other people.

I sat at my table and listened to the opening speeches.

The dinner began and some performances started. I took off my jacket and left it off for quite a while after that.

I took some pictures with some people.

The performances were okay. Some were pretty awesome, and some were pretty lame, and some were really, really gay, but for the most part they were okay.

The ball bit kinda sucked because I didn't have anybody. I didn't even have anyone to hang out with and talk to. I just sat around and looked over at the lecturers, who were seated in front of me, the stage, and the people on the right side of the ballroom. I was looking to the right because of how I was seated and because there weren't many people I knew on the left.

I was texting Hannah and Athirah, the girl Hannah met at the AAR concert when she was lost. It was better than doing nothing. Also at one point this girl sang You Belong with Me, so I called Hannah and let her listen to that.

At Hannah's suggestion, I didn't dance.

At one point I stepped outside to look around. I hung out in the unofficial smoking room for a while and held Jo's bag while she did something.

Most of the people at Elo's table left early to go to a pub. The ones who came back near the end only stayed for a very short while before leaving again.

When it ended with a closing dance I was looking for anyone I knew so I could invite them to dance so that at least both of us could say we danced with someone at the ball. I didn't find anyone; I think they were all gone.

After the ball I talked to the lecturers for a bit and took some photos with them. Ms Annie said she was proud of me for getting a High Distinction in Intermediate English last semester. That was nice.

I took a few of the leftover goodie bags and picked up a complimentary ticket to a nearby club. I wasn't sure whether to go to the club or not.

I hung around until the last few people were leaving. They talked me into checking out the club, which I decided to do.

Finding the club was easier than I expected. It was right next to where I had parked my car, so that was convenient. There was supposed to be pole dancing or something, but the poles were empty. I got bored of the loud, dark, and smoky club pretty soon and left without doing anything.

I got lost driving home, but I got home anyway.

Now I have to prepare my uniform and study for the Advanced Drill Badge test tomorrow. I'm not going to get very much sleep tonight.

A few thoughts about the ball and stuff:
I should have got a ticket at Elo's table. Mine was kinda boring, although it did have a good view of the stage.
The dude who performed with those oversized yo-yo things or whatever was awesome, even if he did drop them a few times. The glow-in-the-dark ones were like freaking magic or something.
The Michael Jackson impersonator was surprisingly good.
The people who decided not to go because they didn't have dates were the smart ones. I had a pretty miserable time.
I didn't talk to Juria at all. In fact, I was actively ignoring her when all of us were leaving after the ball. I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do or not. Now I still don't know where we stand. I'm going to guess that it was the wrong thing to do. Should've said something. I'm never gonna get any damn closure at this rate.
The city is a terrible place to drive in at night for me. I get lost too easily. I can get home from anywhere, but if I don't know where my destination is supposed to be then it will be a long, long while before I get there.
I probably would have been better off not going to the ball at all.

This post would have been so long if I wasn't tired.

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