Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Helmet Got Stolen

Somebody stole my helmet. That was quite inconsiderate of them. I had to drive home with my head completely unprotected. It started raining, too. When you're on a motorcycle and rain falls on your face it is like a thousand little bees all stinging at once. Also, I got new contact lenses and they almost got scratched up by dust flying into my eyes. I hope whoever stole my helmet has his motorcycle stolen. That would be some serious karmic justice.

Streamyx cut our internet line last night. My dad stopped paying the bill three months ago because of how shitty their service was, but because of how inefficient they are, they only got around to doing something about that recently. So we got three months of internet connectivity for free. Now we're running on a Maxis line, and it is so much faster. It's beautiful.

The ball is tomorrow. Holy shit.

I've got a quiz tomorrow for EMA. I said I would study for it, but I haven't. I'm going to after I post this. I will be up late tonight.

I want to get into a fight with someone and win. Beating someone up would be awesome. Unfortunately (Or fortunately), I haven't met anyone who I could both beat in a fight and justify fighting. Oh well.

College was okay today, except for my helmet getting stolen at the end of it. I got my English midterm results back. I had 16.13 out of 20, but I managed to talk the lecturer into giving me another .27 marks for one of the answers in the cloze passage. I could have gotten a bit more, but he doesn't believe that "habitats" was the right word to use to describe the "seas around Johore". Man, I was only using a plural noun to refer to a plural noun. That shit should be totally legit. Ah well, 16.4 is pretty good. Still .6 away from a HD average, but good. Especially since it's higher than Joanna's score. Scoring higher than other people is one of the great joys in my life.

I read a chapter of my Critical Thinking Skills textbook today about Science. It's the most interesting textbook I've ever read. It's called THiNK and it's by Judith Boss. Judith sounds like the kind of person I would have liked to be friends with back in primary school. Too bad she was in primary school four decades and an ocean away from when I was. Ah well, at least I got an awesome book.

I want to talk to someone for a really really long time. Like, just sit down and have a conversation that goes on for hours. Maybe there would be snacks involved, or musical instruments. Or swings. Or just really really comfortable furniture. I do not know. I just want to talk.

I'm kinda lonely, you see.

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