Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Last Assignment

I handed in my last assignment of the semester this afternoon. Turns out the deadline was actually the next class, so I had a chance to make it better, but I couldn't be bothered. It's just Moral Studies anyway; the only reasons for putting extra effort into your work for LAN subjects is if you're just a few points shy of a High Distinction or if you're really close to failing. I'm hoping for an 8% or 9% out of 20%, so we'll see what happens there. It's only 1500 words long out of the 2000 word requirement, and it hasn't been proofread or spellchecked and it was written in two hours so the content is pretty horrendous, and there's no referencing, so perhaps even eight and nine is optimistic.

Also I got the results of the quiz I took last week for EMA. I got 28 out of 40, which is actually the highest I've scored on any test so far for that subject. That's nice to know. Mr. Joel said he was very lenient with the marking on this one, but it's still a victory. As usual, Sue Ann got full marks. She's the smartest person I know. If it hadn't been for a misunderstanding on principal roots she would very likely be finishing this subject with perfect marks, and it would be an insane understatement to call that an outstanding achievement.

Alessandra and Marcus were comparing their marks from psychology in English class. They both got eighteen-point-something out of twenty, which is only point-something less than the highest scorer in the subject. That is pretty awesome.

Also in English we got our results back from this practice quiz we did. I scored the highest in class with 51/68, but nobody was surprised. I do act like a bit of a smartass in English, so I can't blame 'em.

I realized that the dude who did the really incredibly gay opera singing and pole-dance-on-a-chair thing from the ball was in my Moral Studies group. His group was doing a presentation today. It was pretty hard to watch. I don't think I'd be wrong to say that that guy is the gayest dude in college. Annora agreed with me. She was staring at her table the whole of his performance at the ball. She had a much better time than me because she thought the dinner was really good. I did not go to the ball to eat. I went to the ball to go to a ball: fancy clothes, music, dancing, socializing, all that good stuff. There was not enough dancing.

After Critical Thinking Skills I looked through these pictures of the capital city of Kazakhstan. It's a cool looking place with nice looking weather. The pictures were from one of the dudes in my class who was trying to fix people's perceptions of his country. Apparently most people think that Kazakhstan’s like Iraq or whatever because of Borat and stuff, and that is upsetting to Kazaks. I guess those pictures are a good way to educate people.

I read through most of the manual for my motorcycle. I learned things I did not know, like how to operate the steering lock and at what speeds I should change the gears. It's good to know.

I rode home in the rain again. I'm not sure if I'll ever recover from this cough and runny nose.

I was going to celebrate my lack of assignments by playing Stronghold or partaking in some karaoke, but instead I took a nap and watched Bruno. The funniness of that movie does not balance out its gayness. Borat was better, I think.

Yeah I think that's it for today.

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