Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free Stuff and a Joyride

Today we had replacement classes for next Friday since that will be a holiday due to Hari Raya something-or-other. I arrived in college at 8, but the classrooms were locked. Only SR6 was open, but it was in use. Mr. Dharminder went to look for maintenance to see why they hadn't unlocked the place yet. In the meanwhile, Mr. Joel suggested we hold our class in McDonald's, which we did.

EMA in McD's was nice. Mr. Joel offered to buy breakfast for the three of us, but I was the only one to take him up on it. The others were too modest to accept the offer. I don't think they realized that it was rude of them to decline a meal. Anyway, I didn't want to seem greedy, so I just had a standard Sausage McMuffin meal. I figured I'd buy the extra hash brown later so it wouldn't look like I was taking advantage of the situation. I didn't buy the extra hash brown afterwards. But yeah, class was good. We sat outside and learned about partial differentials, which are probably easier than determinants. During class I heard Warwick Avenue and You Belong with Me play right after each other on the radio inside the restaurant. It was a pretty cool coincidence, since those were the two songs that Diana Danielle had sung at our ball. Mr. Joel commented on how the response from students about the ball wasn't as strong this year as it was the year before, and I said that that was probably because the committee this year decided to hold a ball with barely any freakin' dancing. That seriously should be the number one priority of any ball. Anyway, the lesson ended and Mr. Joel tried to salvage the free meal situation by offering Adrian one of the free boxes of cereal that came with the meals (Sue Ann accepted the other), but Adrian just passed that off to me. It's still in my bag, I think.

After class I tried sharing my Sims 3 saves with Sue Ann so she could check out my family, but there was an error with the files so that didn't work out. Oh well. After she left, I tried teaching Amanda how to use Venn Diagrams. It was easy with just one proposition and two circles, but when we got to three propositions and three circles, even I was confused. Joelah passed by and commented on how pointless the Venn Diagrams were since they had zero real world applications. She did mention that the rest of CTS was very interesting, though, which I agreed with. I took the chance to ask her about how much she'd read of the Jeffrey Archer book I lent her, and she said she was halfway through. I think I should've given her Twelve Red Herrings instead of A Quiver Full of Arrows, but oh well. I hope I can find out what she thinks of Freakonomics since that is one seriously good book. Personally I haven't started on 50 More Crime Stories, the book I exchanged Freakonomics and A Quiver Full of Arrows with her for, so maybe I should do that.

Anyway, at 11:00 it was time for CTS, so I said goodbye and good luck to Amanda and headed down the hall. Along the way I spotted Elo and Carmeni, so I stopped briefly to inform Carmeni that Elo had slept with two different dudes in the same night. I left without explaining. Elo tried to call me back to tell clarify for Carmeni, but I told her she could have fun sorting it out herself. She was smiling, anyway. It does seem pretty true that girls enjoy it when dudes act like jerks. It could have just been a funny situation, though.

At CTS, Ms. Tay said I could have the lecturer's chair to sit in since it was comfortable and she wasn't going to use it, so that was cool. We learned about Science, which was also cool. I like the subjects this semester; they are a lot more interesting than last semester. The lecturers are pretty cool, too, but Ms. Annie and Ms. Selina are still my favorites. That's not to say I don't appreciate Ms. Tay, though. I would rather have her than any of the other CTS lecturers because she's new and she doesn't mind me commenting on the lectures during class. The activities she has us do are also really fun.

After CTS I met up with Elo again. Someone had got Arun a cake for his birthday, and Elo said I could have a slice. The cake was great; it was so delicious and moist. I called up Hannah to ask if she wanted to get some lunch at McDonald's since twister fries were being served again, but she said she had already had some earlier. However, she was still up for lunch, so I told her to bring down the car keys at 12:30 and we could go grab a bite. A few minutes later, though, Ms. Selina stopped by and asked if we were free. She was showing a movie in the theatrette for her Psychology class and she was wondering if we were interested in joining. I told her I'd cancel my appointments, then I called up Hannah and told her not to bother with the keys.

I went to McDonald's to get some twister fries and then to Giant to get some potato chips. I was waiting in the queue for a while because the lady in front of me was redeeming her loyalty points for cooking utensils or something. I still managed to make it to the theatrette before the movie started, though.

The movie was awesome. It was Identity, and it had John Cusack (You may know him as the main character from 2012) and Ray Liotta (Tommy Vercetti from Vice City) in it. I was proud of myself for being able to predict what was going to happen next (mostly), but the real twist of the story was super awesome, even if I managed to guess it a few seconds before the reveal. I realized at that point that I had actually read the summary on Wikipedia a few years ago, but thankfully I had forgotten almost all of it so there were still some surprises left. The ending was really awesome. All-in-all it's been one of the best movies that I've seen this year, and I got to watch for free.

After the movie I took my bike for a little joyride. I went to Damansara Heights and into Seri Beringin. The guard was asleep, but even if he wasn't I don't think he would've stopped me. The roads were completely clear of traffic, so I was free to do basically whatever. I drove around and found some pretty awesome views. It's a bit of a pity that I was alone, but I'm not sure if other people would have been very interested in that kind of thing.

I went home after I was done aimlessly driving about. After a nap, Papa took Jan, Hannah, and I for chicken chop at Sin Kee's, which was delicious, as it always is.

Today was pretty great.

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