Saturday, November 28, 2009


On Friday I went to bed at 5am and woke up at 5pm. It was glorious. Cali was rescued by the maintenance people, but she escaped and is now wandering the building somewhere downstairs.

Today was pretty cool. I woke up at 10, spent an hour catching up on the international news, went out to eat with Jan and Hannah and my dad, then drove to Sri Beringin to see the view and make my dad's new car go really, really fast. There is a hill that is like a rollercoaster at the appropriate speeds. It is awesome.

When we had lunch I talked about the Japanese occupation of Malaysia and how some traitorous bastard (Literally, he was an illegitimate child with a bunch of different dads) named Patrick SV Heenan was partly responsible for the swiftness in which the Japanese achieved air superiority. I also ate a chili, which was quite a painful experience. Jan had dared me to do it as revenge for the time I dared him to do the same. He kept offering me "advice" which did more harm than good. I hope he enjoyed my suffering, because I sure enjoyed his.

Anyway, after we were done in Sri Beringin we went to look at another view. Jan and Papa decided to stay in the car because they were sleepy, so Hannah and I went off alone to see the view. The mood was perfect. It was windy, there were loads of trees, thunder roared in the distance. It even began to rain a little when we reached the top. After enjoying the view for a few seconds, we noticed that it was starting to rain really, really heavily, so we ran back to the car. We got in just as it began to come down in torrents. I switched the wipers on to full blast and joined Jan and Papa in singing American Pie all the way back home.

It was a nice outing.

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