Thursday, November 26, 2009

For the Most Part, a Good Day

Today was great right up until our kitten stranded herself in the airwell on a ledge at the eighteenth floor. Now she's got three days to either gather up the guts to shimmy across a pipe to somewhere safe, give up hope and fall off, or die of thirst. I hope she doesn't do the last one. That would be pretty depressing, and also kinda smelly.

Anyway, I got to wear my suit again today. It was awesome. The jacket is still oversized, of course, but I had it slung over my shoulder most of the time anyway. It is a much cooler way to carry a jacket than just wearing it. The shoes are awesome. They make this real stylish noise on tiled floors. I almost got a blister, but it would have been worth it. The trousers and undershirt are amazingly comfortable, and the tie is great, too. I love that suit. I want more excuses to wear it.

My excuse today was two presentations: one for Advanced English about my research paper The Formation and Loss of Childhood Phobias, and another about dealing with my hypothetical uncle abusing my hypothetical cousin for Critical Thinking Skills. They both could have gone better, but considering the effort I put into the slides (not much) I think I did as well as I deserved.

I decided to ride my motorcycle to college as usual. The combination of my awesome suit, oversized jacket, and cute motorcycle turned quite a few heads. It felt good.

My first class was Engineering Mathematics. We had a quiz, and it was the easiest quiz so far, save for Physics quizzes. I might have a shot at a credit in this subject.

Advanced English was okay. I was the second guy in my group to overshoot the time limit. We had a maximum of seven minutes, I ended after almost eight. Proper use of allocated time was worth 10% of the score for the presentation, which was worth 5% of our continuous assessment, so I only lost a quarter of a mark. I don't think it's going to matter.

After that I went to have brunch with Alysha. We ate at Ali Maju's and we did not get exactly what we ordered, but we ate it anyway. When we got back to college a fire drill was going on. I met Annora and we talked a bit. I mourned the loss of my jacket to the imaginary flames. When the alarm stopped ringing, I was one of the first back into the hall. I thought about someone could have gained a lot of quick cash by looting everyone's bags during the drill. Luckily, no-one did, and my jacket and bag were fine.

Once I'd collected my stuff, I followed Aaron San to the DSA and we talked about chords and ping-pong-playing robots and such. I also discovered that they've got Risk, Monopoly, and Chess in the DSA. That's pretty awesome. Next time I have a four-and-a-half hour break, I'll try and get some people together to play a half-game of Monopoly or Risk.

At 12:30, the dudes at the DSA had to go to class, so I went down to the hall, found a comfortable position, and fell asleep using my jacket as a blanket. It was so incredibly comfortable. I was awoken twice: once when the girls in the table nearby started talking about boobs, and again when Carmeni decided to wake me up to tell me I was napping. I wonder why she felt I needed to know.

At 1:45 I went with Amanda to go get something to eat. Along our way to McDonald's, we came across this whole group of Coca-Cola people giving out free Cokes for this "Brrr!" advertising campaign. I accepted a can and we continued on our way to McD's.

Amanda was very very excited when we got to McDonald's because she saw that the Prosperity Burger was back. I told her about how every year I would give the Prosperity Burger a try and every year I would be let down. She said she loved the burger, and the fries. I agreed with her on the awesomeness of twister fries. She bought her meal and I bought my fries and we headed back for class. Along the way Amanda said that the feeling of food in your stomach when you were really really hungry was the best feeling ever, and I said that there was a better feeling. She said that she had never felt that feeling before but she'd get back to me with a comparison if she ever did. That led to a somewhat interesting conversation, but we were interrupted by more free Coke. It was a very refreshing interruption.

I ended up giving two of my free cokes to my classmates from CTS, and Amanda ended up giving a bite of her Prosperity Burger to Arun. I didn't really want the cokes, though. I just didn't want to turn down free stuff. Poor Amada was looking forward to eating the burger all on her own, though. She was still unsatisfied when I met her later. I hope she managed to eat her fill later on.

Anyway, Critical Thinking Skills was okay. Oliver thought his presentation was today and he was very relieved to find out he was wrong. Almas knew his presentation was today, but he didn't come prepared. I told him that he could still try to give the presentation without slides because he could still get 2 or 3 of the possible 10 points, but he said he'd give it a miss. Ah well, at least we got to finish early. My presentation went relatively well, except I was speaking a bit fast. After class, Ms Tay told me that I shouldn't spend so much effort helping some people, because they clearly didn't care and were already lost causes. Not everyone can be like me, she said. That was a compliment I almost felt bad for receiving.

After class I went to grab some more Coke. They recorded me saying "Brrr!" for their ad campaign, but I don't think I'm going to be in any videos. I realized later that the point was to shiver with your body, whereas I was just shaking my head real quick. Oh well, I still got free Coke.

When I got bored of hanging around the Coke people, I made my way to the post office to learn how to send a letter. While I was there, I met this French lady who was mailing some letters to her mother-in-law. She had been in Malaysia for the past year and a half because her husband was an electrical engineer doing telecommunications work with the company that's working with Maxis to do P1 Wimax. We talked about our educations and what we thought of Europe and Malaysia. She said I would appreciate Malaysia's heat a lot more if I ever visited Holland during the winter. Anyway, there is apparently a French School in Kuala Lumpur. It is called the Kuala Lumpur French School, and it's in Segambut. Both her daughters are students there. They're 9 and 13. From the way the lady looked, I was expecting them to be younger. Even though my expectations were one way, I was still hoping they would be older. I am not entirely sure why.

Anyway, it came my turn to go to the counter, and the lady behind the glass gave me an envelope and some stamps. It only cost RM1.80 to send a letter to the Netherlands. That's awesome. I left the post office to go online and find the address I was sending the letter to. When I was done, I saw Joanna in the lab. She asked me to follow her to wait for one of her parents to pick her up. We walked in one big loop to McDonald's to wait for her mum. I met her friend, Alan, in the McDonald's. He came to Malaysia from Zambia two years ago, and he said that that was the worst decision he's made in his life. After Jo's mum picked her up, we spent a while talking about how we ended up in HELP, souls, Moore's law, positioning mirrors and slowing light to see the past, the capacity of a brain, philosophy, and religion. Our conversation ended when I glanced over at the post office and saw it closing, which meant it was five o'clock. Alan had a Thanksgiving dinner to get to. It doesn't really make sense, because Thanksgiving is an entirely American holiday that has absolutely nothing to do with Malaysia and shouldn't logically be celebrated internationally (Unlike, say, Halloween), but his friends were there so it made sense for him to be there too. He's a cool dude, though. A real smart guy. I shoulda met him earlier on in the semester; we would've had a lot to talk about.

Anyway, when I got home I dropped the letter off in a mailbox in the lobby and came home. Hannah showed me that Calico had somehow ended up two stories below us on a ledge in the airwell. I climbed out a bit and took some pictures. Here is one. It is the first picture on my blog. I hope it will not be the last picture of Cali.

So yeah, we have a kitten stuck there. I don't know how we're going to get her back up.

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