Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some Ramblings

No real structure for this one except for whatever pops into my mind.

I really like karaoke, but I can't carry a tune and I am essentially tone deaf. When it comes my turn to sing, the only person in the room who is having a good time is me. I also enjoy dancing, but I've got no rhythm and I am terribly uncoordinated, so I am a really sucky dancer. I haven't seen anyone dance worse than me. Despite the embarrassment, it's still a lot of fun.

I need music when I'm on my computer. I've got a playlist made of every song that I like. I leave it on random and listen to it the whole time I'm browsing the web or blogging or causing wanton destruction in Just Cause or Vice City. So far I've got 5 hours and 45 minutes of music on that playlist, and my top three songs (I Will, My Monkey, Hey Julie) have 218, 172, and 157 plays respectively. For some reason, I won't close my iTunes until I've finished the song I'm currently listening to. Also, I try to make sure that “Push" and "Creep" have equal play counts. Those songs are just linked in my head somehow.

I want to write a letter to someone. I'm not sure who; I just think it would be a nice surprise for them.

I've been reading Hannah's friends' blogs recently, mostly to see what they're saying about my family and me (It's all positive stuff). I also read them because I like having lotsa new items available for browsing in Google Reader, and those tweens tend to post a lot of stuff a tad more interesting and less emo than Joanna, Elo and Denise.

I want to fill in my list posts on this blog, but if I ever have time to do that then I also have time to do assignments, which are obviously more important. So neither gets done, really.

I got a text on Monday from the girl who lent Hannah a phone at the concert to call me with. She was checking to see if Hannah managed to find me and Jan and whether she got back okay. I said that she did and we had a great time at the concert. She replied that she had a blast, too. We spent the next five hours or so texting each other, so that was nice.

I got my research paper submitted, but I think this is going to be one of the few English assignments in which my friends are going to score higher than me. I didn't put much effort into it and I didn't proofread it properly. Also I didn't include any pictures, graphs or charts, which I recently found are necessary. Oh well.

I haven't been eating much. On Friday the only thing I ate was four free cupcakes. They were good, though.

I haven't been sleeping much, either. My average bedtime lately has been around two in the morning, and I've been waking up at around six or six thirty. I do end up taking a lot of naps, but I don't think those count as real sleep.

I've been hanging out less with people from college. It's okay. I have been wanting to talk to Effie lately, since she's leaving soon and she's an interesting person and she cares. I hope I see her on Monday. I think she's the first girl that I've anticipated meeting this much who I haven't had a crush on. It's nice.

Still on the subject of college people and talking to them, Shannon's a cool dude. We used to go to the same public speaking club when we were both homeschooling, and he recognized me last semester. I didn't remember him, though, so I only knew that I had met him previously when he told me in McDonald's after the pajama party/movie night. My first interaction with him in college was during the movie, when I leaned forward to make a comment about Left 4 Dead and I startled him. That was fun. Anyway, we were talking recently after college was over about stuff and the subject of our dads and their jobs came up. Turns out that both of us have fathers who worked in offshore oil rigs for Schlumberger. It's a small world.

So far I'm liking this post a lot better than those long, boring ones I usually write about my days and all their uninteresting details. I think I'll write more of these.

10th KL should have a Twitter feed to keep its members informed. I'll have to bring that up with Lieutenant (and now also Acting Captain) Esther. Man, she's the highest ranking person in the company now. That's awesome. Interesting that Clement didn't know about the amount of respect and authority his girlfriend commanded until I told him this Sunday. Also interesting was the piece of advice he gave me about women: don't pursue them, let them pursue you. If a guy indicates that he's interested in a girl before she indicates she's interested in him, then the relationship is either impossible or doomed. I may be misinterpretating that or paraphrasing it wrongly, but it seems sound.

When it comes to girls and me, I have always been the first person to indicate interest, though, so that's not a good thing. Coincidentally, I have always been the only person indicate interest, so that's probably a worse thing. I guess I won't have a girlfriend for a long, long time. Oh well.

Yeah I think that's about it for now. I wonder what's on CNN.

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