Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Okay-Type Stuff Happened Today

Yesterday I had to buy in to a poker game at our house for RM10 as part of my agreement from Sunday to get Joel to play Left 4 Dead 2. I lost pretty quickly, but it was worth it. Left 4 Dead 2 is awesome.

After I lost I hung around for a bit to watch the game, but after a while I got bored and wandered to the room to karaoke. Jan came in to tell me that they could hear me outside and they were commenting on how much I sucked, and I said I knew. I kept singing. When I was done I asked which song I least sucked at, and the answer was "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". I will practice that more, then.

Anyway, today was cool. It started with me falling asleep a whole bunch of times as I was doing my daily Bible reading, and when I finally woke up I noticed I was going to be late. I managed to get to class fifteen minutes after it started, so that was alright.

EMA was the first class. We did some more work and got some more homework. After that was CTS, which was just a bunch more presentations. Ka Jeng's was excellent. I think she's gonna beat my score at CTS, too. Ah well, I guess being the top scorer in one subject once is good enough.

During the break I hung about with various peoples. Carmeni told Joanna that I was mad because I didn't get invited to her birthday on Sunday, but I said that all I had said was that Joanna was the person who did not invite me to her birthday; I didn't say anything about getting mad. Joanna said she didn't invite me because she wasn't allowed to invite too many people. She invited Li Ying and Elo and Arun and Carmeni and the rest of them, though, so I guess I'm just not important enough of a friend to her or whatever. I am only mildly upset by this, though, since she mentioned me in her blog post on her birthday.

Anyway, I asked Carmeni where Amanda and Davinia were because they are more interesting people than my current company was. She said they were in class or something, but I guess their class had ended pretty soon afterwards because they walked past a few minutes later. I went with Amanda to go get some fries and she told me about her boyfriend's best friend asking her to lie to him about something and how she got in trouble with both of them and it was somewhat dramatic and interesting but I was only half-listening.

Since I didn't have Physics today I decided to celebrate by taking a nap since I wasn't allowed to sit in for Human Communications like Amanda suggested. I flipped through the CTS book before dozing until twelve-ish. After I woke up I located Davinia and waited around for Amanda and then we went to Amanda's mum's cafe for lunch. When Amanda saw me on my motorcycle she made history by being the first person not to call it "cute". Instead she asked me why it was so small and if it was a minibike or something. I think I prefer "cute". There are only two words that get cooler when you put "mini" in front of them, and those are "gun" and "Uzi". I kinda want a larger motorcycle now.

Amanda's mum's cafe is near the Mist Club. They serve really good orange juice, eggs, and cupcakes there. I had a very enjoyable meal with very enjoyable company and conversation. It was so enjoyable that I stayed until 2 o'clock, which was when my Advanced English class was supposed to start. I paid, finished Amanda's leftover drinks, and rode back just in time to be fifteen minutes late for class. Nobody noticed me come in, though, so that was nice.

Advanced English was fun. We split into groups to do skits about one of our life experiences and what could be learned from them. My group elected to do a skit about my motorcycle accidents. Our moral was that you shouldn't let other people tell you what you should do when you're driving, and you should always keep your eyes on the road. The group after us did a skit about making sure you go on dates in places where your date's parents' friends won't see and inform on you, and the group after them did a skit about the proper way to get mugged. When the last skit was over, Mr. Dharminder told us about crime and the police's lack of response to it. That was a valuable lesson. I don't see what it had to do with English, though.

In Moral Studies we did some revision and we were told about the format for the final exam. I fell asleep. When I woke up it was almost done, and the moment it was over I went out to the hall and fell asleep.

I woke up when I heard Elo and Li Ying talking about playing hide-and-seek. We didn't get to play that, though. When everyone was getting in the room to hide, a cleaning wandered in behind them, which ended the game pretty early.

I went home, took a nap, went to the pharmacy with my dad for vitamins and contact lens stuff, listened to my dad talk about his experience with girls and how his younger years were similar to mine, and helped motivate my sister to exercise.

That is the end of this post and who even reads this stuff aside from me as I'm typing it? Eh, it doesn't matter. I think I'm going to expand on my point-form posts over the semester break. I also want to walk to the KL tower and go swimming every day. I wonder if any of those will happen. We'll see.

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