Monday, December 7, 2009

And Then There Were Two

I had set my alarm for 5:30am so that I could be at Wisma HELP by 7:30am to meet with Amanda to study as much as we could before the Critical Thinking Skills final exam. The alarm went off, and I woke up, but I fell asleep before the third paragraph of my daily Bible reading and when I woke up again it was 7:30. I sent Amanda a text saying that I had overslept and I was going to be there at around eight or so, and she replied saying she was already there.

I couldn't find Amanda when I arrived on the floor at the Wisma where the test was going to be held. I asked Carmeni and Elo and I was told that she had gone to the bathroom. Twenty minutes later there was still no sign of her, so I had started studying the book on my own when my phone rang. It was Amanda, and she was on a different floor, so that was where she was. When she got to the fourth floor we managed to get around half an hour of studying in. We mostly memorized lists.

When the test started we went into one of the smaller rooms opposite from the really really long lecture hall where I usually sit for the exams. The test itself wasn't hard. My only problem was that I had forgotten the first item on one of the lists I had memorized a few minutes earlier, so I ended up putting "Identify the dilemma" instead of "Describe the facts", which will cost me 2 marks on the test or 1% of my total score.

I finished the test ten minutes early, but quite a few people had left already. I hung around asking people what they had got for the Venn diagram section (Valid, Invalid, Invalid, Valid). Everyone I asked except Carmeni and Denise got it right, I think. I kept hanging around because I was hoping to find someone who was hungry and would want to go for lunch with me, but I could not find anyone. Alessandra gave me a granola bar, though, so that was nice.

I realized that this was the last exam for the core subjects for the semester and so it would be the last time I would be seeing most of the people there until next year. My goodbye bubble was burst when someone pointed out that my Physics test tomorrow was at the same time as the statistics test, so that would actually be the last time I saw them in '09. Oh well.

While I was waiting for people to get hungry, Joanna was on one of the computers looking for someone's Critical Thinking Skills continuous assessment score. I took the opportunity to count how many people had scored higher than me. The answer was three. Three people had scored 54/60, and I had only scored 53/60. I could only miss out on 16 out of the 80 marks from the final. Anything more than that and I'd only have a Distinction. I should be in the clear if I got more than 4 out of 5 questions right, though. I hope that was the case.

I also saw Michelle from church when I was waiting around. She had just finished her Thesis Defense, which was one of the last classes she was doing before graduating. This week is the last week of her three-year Psychology degree program, I think, and she's only got three exams left. That was an unexpected encounter, but it was nice.

After a while I got bored of waiting and left to eat McDonald's on my own. It was okay.

Two tests left.

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