Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Results and Poor Decisions

I woke up and remembered that it was the day that my results were going to be uploaded. I logged on and checked, and they were there. I had scored high distinctions for Advanced English and Critical Thinking Skills, and Credits for Engineering Mathematics Principles and Physics I. The results for my Moral Studies haven't been released yet.

After I checked my results I enrolled for Finite Mathematics, Psychology for Personal Development, and, by accident, Statistics. I found out later about my mistake and dropped Stats for Physics II.

My dad had promised to reward me based on the amount of HDs I got, so I found the e-mail with the list of rewards (RM200 for two HDs) and forwarded it to him.

I was pretty happy with myself, so I decided to celebrate with a bit of gambling. That was a mistake. I lost RM68 to my brother after a few particularly disastrous blackjack rounds. It was not pleasant.

When my dad got back, I watched him and Hannah book tickets for Hannah and Jan's flight to Indonesia sometime next year, and then I watched him transfer my reward to my account. After that he took Jan and me for dinner at Sin Kee's. As usual, the chicken chop was really nice. On the way home we stopped by Bangsar Village so I could withdraw my money and buy the Christmas present Hannah owed me. I got four packets of licorice: green apple, mango, strawberry, and original. I don't think they'll last more than a week, but it will be a very sweet week.

So yeah, that was my day. I still owe Ian RM18 for the blackjack, but Hannah owes me RM40 for the Christmas present, so that will work out. I'm going to watch Avatar in 3D soon, I think.

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