Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I spent most of today reading about tall buildings and assassinated Dutchmen on Wikipedia. I walked the stairs, too, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that that is not much exercises at all.

I spent three day's of allowance on a McDonald's delivery order. I regret it a tiny bit.

I went swimming in the evening again. Hannah came along, but the pool was under treatment so the water was all murky because of the chlorine or something, so we sat in the other, much shallower pool instead. After a while Jan came downstairs with Susanna and Hannah left, so I decided to challenge Jan to poolside wrestling. He said he didn't want to because he was a pussy (his words), and there wasn't much I could say to convince him otherwise. After a while he changed his mind, though, so we laid down the rules (no scratching, no kicking, if both of us fell in at the same time then the point went to whoever threw the other guy back in after climbing out) and began. I won every single round for about half an hour or something before Jan finally managed to throw me in, but the throw left him off balance and he fell in a second or so later. He still insists that he could kick my ass in a normal fight, but I think we both know that that is so not the case.

After I came home and took a shower I realized that my watch was gone, so I went downstairs in my pajamas to look for it but it was nowhere to be found. When I got back home I saw it lying on the floor, so that is something.

Ian had some friends over to gamble. I think I might have joined in if I hadn't spent all my money on McDonald's. Also, I had cereal for dinner. I do not regret that.

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