Friday, December 18, 2009

A Vacation is When You Get To Do Nothing and Don't Feel Guilty

So I didn't actually do twenty laps at the pool. Turns out that a lap is one length of the pool and back, so I actually did ten laps. All my swimming has been at night, lately. I'll try and change over and do afternoon swims so I can get a tan. Also the water will be warmer so that will be nice.

I'm almost done with the Up series. I'm halfway through 49 Up, which is the latest one, so after another hour I'll be completely done and I can download 7 Up 2000 and 14 Up 2000, and maybe Married in America. I also watched Surrogates and Iron Man recently. They're both fun to watch, but although Surrogates seems like it would be a smarter movie it is actually the dumber of the two. Iron Man was still super-awesome the second time around. Can't wait for the next one next year.

My dad gave the OK for a party on New Year's Eve, so I've made a Facebook event and sent out invites. I'm hoping for at least two maybes from my friends, and five confirms from Ian's. I want the party to have a glass bowl full of M&Ms or jelly beans, and also bowls full of various flavours of potato chips and nachos, and of course lots and lots of steaks. If all that is there, it will be awesome.

Ian, Jan, and I are going to an NCO retreat for BB from the 18th to the 20th. Since the company secretary won't be there, I'm in charge of taking minutes. This is the second year I've had to replace her. I really hope the company starts to improve so I can quit again. Responsibility sucks.

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