Monday, December 14, 2009

Today Was a Better than Usual but not Amazing Day

Today our church was carolling at Tang's in Pavilion. Ian, Jan, and Mama were involved, but Papa, Hannah, Susanna, and I were not, so after the church service was over they stayed behind to practice while we went home for a little while.

After we were done lying around the house we went over to watch the carolling, but we stopped off for a bit of lunch in Subway first. My sandwich was delicious.

I wasn't that interested in the carolling, so while I was waiting around for it to start I got hit with the urge to wander around a bit. I was gonna get Hannah to tag along with me, but she had to stay behind and take pictures for the church. I saw a dude with a shotgun going to take a smoke break, so I followed him outside to get a better look at the gun and figure out what he was guarding. Outside, there was a Bentley dealership, and few banks, a van belonging to one of those security contractors, and a whole bunch of really expensive cars in the valet parking. I also managed to find an entrance leading to the concierge, and from there I walked to the main part of the mall. It was huge. There was a performance going on in the center that was attracting a much larger audience than our church's carolling was.

I went back to Hannah and said that I had to show her something and it would only take five minutes, so she agreed to come along. We went to see the expensive cars and the center of the mall and the performance, and Hannah took some pictures. Soon, though, she had to get back for the carolling, so I was left alone to wander. I found my way to the highest floor and looked around, and then I decided to go see the carolling again before heading outside to the front of the mall to see what it looked like from there.

As I was heading down the escalator, I got a call from my dad telling me that the carolling was finished and it was time for us (Susanna, him, and I) to go back. As we were driving back I called Hannah and asked if she wanted to go see The Princess and The Frog at Sunway later on around nighttime, but she wasn't interested.

Once we got home I put on a movie for Susanna to watch and then spent the rest of the time on my computer while my dad went out to play some golf.

In the evening I was ready for a swim, but then I got nice and relaxed and fell asleep. My dad woke me up and told me not to nap so late because I'd wake up in the middle of the night and end up going to bed in the wee hours of the morning. After I woke up I went to the pool and did laps for half an hour or so. I also found how quickly I could swim one lap, how long I could thread water, and whether I could still swim a lap underwater. My findings were 20 seconds for both, and yes.

When I got home I talked with my mum about the sensationalism in today's newspaper. Hannah was also included in the conversation but she was upset that I was applying things from college and left. The conversation ended when something from the article was clarified and I realized that I was arguing needlessly, so I went to take a shower instead. My hair is in a really bad condition because of all the chlorine in the pool, and the shampoo I use isn't helping.

After my shower I went on my computer, but as soon as I got online my dad said I had to shut it off at twelve, and I said "No", and he gave me a really long lecture about that because he thought I was disrespecting him, when in fact I was just saying "no". He also thinks "maybe" is a disrespectful word, so I've got to be careful about using that answer with him in the future.

Hm. I want to wander around the city with someone I can talk to. It would be fun.

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