Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hannah woke me up at around ten and told me to get ready. While I was preparing for the day, she went with Ebony and one of the parents to pick up her friend. When they came back I finished packing, took the keys to Aunty Rosie's car, and then we left for the day.

Our first stop was a petrol station. The car was empty, so I had to pay RM35 to fill it up. After that we drove to Sunway and parked in the same spot I had a few months ago when I went ice skating with friends from college.

Once we'd found Hannah's third friend, Esther, we went to the line for tickets and waited. I was in charge of buying the tickets. Technically all of us should have paid the adult price, but Hannah insisted that Elaine, Ebony and her would only need to be admitted as children. The total cost was RM250, I think, with RM50 of that being a deposit that we would get back when we returned from the park.

Hannah's plan was to hit the water park first, then the dry park. I told them to go ahead because I wanted to try out the pirate ship ride first. During the ride I was seated next to an Australian lady, so we started talking and I found out that she was from Runaway Bay, which is right near the island where my friend from a few posts back got stranded. That was a cool coincidence. Anyway, the ride was a lot of fun. I went off to find Hannah, but halfway down I realized I'd forgotten my bag. Luckily when went back for it it was untouched.

I wandered around the water park for a bit and I met the Australian lady again on my way to the artificial beach where MTV World Stage had been held. It was pretty cool to see the pool filled with water and not a crowd.

I managed to find Hannah and her friends waiting in line for some slides, and I stuck with them for most of the rest of the time. We went on a bunch of slides together. Since there was an odd number of us, I had to be paired up with a stranger for some of the slides. The kid and large Iranian guy I ended up with were quite okay. The third time, though, I decided to wait for Hannah to finish and then go with her instead, because the alternative was a guy in a speedo, and I guess that is where I draw the line.

When we had spent a few hours at the water park and done almost all there was to do, we decided to leave and try the dry park. I elected to take a nap while the girls tried some rides. They woke me up half an hour later and we went on a river ride together. I managed to stay mostly dry.

We split up after that. They went to go try some more rides while I went back to go on the pirate ship ride a couple more times. I met up with them for the Tomahawk, which was definitely the most thrilling ride. It finished right at 6pm when the rides closed. Almost exactly at six, it started raining. The timing was pretty cool.

On our way out of the park, Ebony noticed that her phone was missing. They tried to call it but there was no reply. Meanwhile, I saw that one of the tigers in the tiger enclosure was walking about, so I stopped to gawk at it for a while. When it started doing boring things again, I realized I'd lost the girls. I called Hannah a half dozen times or so before she picked up the phone and I managed to find her again.

They had given up the search for Ebony's phone, so we went to the mall to have dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet. On our way there, the girls stopped to change in one of the toilets and I sat around outside reading World War Z. When we got to Hartz I realized that it was not as delicious or as cheap as I remembered it, but it was still pretty dang good.

After dinner we said goodbye to Esther and I drove home. The drive started with a jam but it was pretty okay after that, so that was nice. It was also nice that I didn't have to go out of the way to drop Elaine off since she lives right on the route home.

When I got home I decided not to go for a swim, since I'd already swam a bit at Sunway. I think I might do forty laps tomorrow. I'll also be walking to the KL tower. That should be interesting.

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