Saturday, December 5, 2009

End of Classes

Classes for this semester are done. My last class was technically yesterday, but 1am on Saturday night is basically still Friday so I'll just say today to keep things simple.

So today started again with me waking up late because it was raining again. I called Sue Ann to check if Mr Joel was in class yet, and he wasn't. I managed to get ready and get to college only five or ten minutes after Mr Joel, so that was okay. I only got a bit wet in the rain because it had become quite light by the time I left.

In class we finished up the last programme and reviewed what we'd be studying, and then we got to see our marks. Sue Ann scored 49/50, which is awesome. I got 36/50 (I think), which I was not expecting. I have a shot at a Credit if I do really well in the finals. Cool.

When EMA was over I can't really remember what I did because it was uninteresting, but after doing whatever I forgot doing I went to study some Critical Thinking Skills with Amanda. We managed to just barely cover the second of six chapters that need to be reviewed for the finals. Once we'd memorized the final list of things I went over to CTS class. Ms Tay was reviewing some stuff that was going to come out for the final exam. When that was over we had to write what we thought about the course, and then we were free to leave early.

My priority after leaving class was finding a spot to nap. I found a place on a bunch with some bags and friends, but I couldn't nod off in the fifteen minutes I had, so I just talked to people instead. I don't think I realized that I had just finished the last class of my semester.

At 12:15 I left to go to Christian Fellowship to help out with the Staff Appreciation Day. I chose to go with the group that was distributing the appreciation gifts (3-in-1 coffee and a note) in the main block. It was pretty cool; I got to go into the staff rooms to place the stuff and while I was doing that I got to see how spacious and cool the lecturers' rooms are. We distributed the gifts to lecturers and administrative staff and guards and janitors. It was nice.

After we'd been down the whole hall and we were almost done with the thanking, I said goodbye to the others and went to study CTS with Amanda. She was sick, so we didn't get very far before we had to stop.

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