Sunday, December 20, 2009

That What You Know

So camp was okay. We had some meetings, we had some games, we ate at a buffet, some stuff happened. 10th KL now has a plan for 2010.

The meetings were less boring than I expected, and they went by pretty fast, too. Since Ashley wasn't around, I was in charge of taking down the minutes. I got to borrow a laptop for that, so it was easy.

The games were fun. I managed to survive three or four rounds without getting soaked, and when I did get wet it was because I was in the splash zone near the losers.

Genting is an awesome mountain. The view is spectacular, and the weather is just great. The mist was so thick at times that the beam of my laser pen was visible. It was cold and drizzly the whole time, which may sound sucky but it was such a welcome relief from what I'm used to that I loved every second of it. Of course we dared each other to see who could stay in the cold the longest. I won. Well, not really, but I complained the least during the dare. Being shirtless in mountain air is exhilarating; I suggest you try it. Running shirtless in mountain air is even better.

There was also a buffet and gift exchange for the NCO Christmas party. The buffet didn't have much to offer in terms of the main course, so I just piled a bunch of breaded fish fillets on my plate and dug in. Desserts were awesome, though. I tried a bit of everything, and my only regret is that I only had one piece of the berry cake, which was absolutely the best thing there. It was like Chocolate Indulgence, but more sweet and (of course) less chocolaty. Also, I mixed a bunch of stuff (sweet & sour powder, wasabi, and soy sauce) into a wine glass and dared people to drink it. Jan, Gabriel, and Zhan Peng each had a sip, and then Ian finished the whole thing. It was great fun to watch.

The gift exchange that came afterwards was nice for most people, but I didn't enjoy it so much. The gifts we bought were randomly distributed, so I ended up with a shitty cell phone accessory someone had grabbed at the last minute and my gift ended up with someone that I don't care much for (I don't dislike him or anything, I'm just indifferent). I left my gift in the room, nobody wanted it. Even the person who bought it didn't want it.

Instead of going home we went to one of the Old Town "coffee shops" (the quotation marks are because it's a franchise) to eat with the NCOs. I wasn't that enthusiastic, but then I saw that they had added French fries and a Western breakfast set to their menu, so now I'm a little more positive about Old Town. Anyway, our trip there was pointless because the person we thought we were picking up found other transport or something, so we (Ian, Jan, and I) had to go meet up with the church for carolling alone.

At the Pavilion I got some doughnuts and read the newspaper while the rest of them carolled, but then I got bored so I wandered around the perimeter of the mall. I got back just when the carolling ended, so that was nice. Hannah came back home with Ian, Jan and I.

When we got home I had to carry up both my bags along with all the papers from the NCO retreat. Hannah was carrying Jan's uniform or something, and Ian also had his hands full. When I got to the elevator I yelled at Ian and Jan since they were inside and they were letting the doors close, so Hannah and I only just barely managed to get in. Ian said that his hands were full so he couldn't open the door, and Jan said the same was true of himself. I said that he was being pretty bold to suggest that a pair of boots and a plastic bag were something to complain about when I was lugging two bags and six pieces of paper almost as large as myself.

After I said that, Jan lunged across the lift and hit me in the face with his boots. I asked him why the fuck he did that, and he just stood there, so I asked again, louder. He didn't respond, and I was pissed off, so I dropped what I was holding to hit him back. There wasn't any easy place to punch, so I settled for strangling the bastard. Ian started yelling about watching the paper to make sure it didn't tear or whatever, but at this point I didn't care. Jan grabbed my neck, too, but the little shit started scratching, so now I've got a bit of a gash near my windpipe. We stopped for a bit, but I wasn't done being angry (I got hit in the face with a pair of fucking boots for no reason except that Jan didn't like me pointing out how selfish he was being. I'd like to see someone who wouldn't be angry in a similar situation) so I reached across again, but I couldn't do much damage because Ian said to stop or else he'd stop us. Once the lift opened I went inside and locked the door, and my dad came out and calmed me down. He brought Jan into his room and caned him, which satiated my wrath.

While I was waiting for my dad to discipline Jan, I reflected on the camp and BB and decided that my decision to quit was still a good decision and that I made a mistake by agreeing to join again, so I purposed to quit again, and I did. So for the second time this year I am out of BB. I had some responsibilities from the NCO retreat, but I'm sure Gabriel can handle them just fine.

Anyway, I went down to swim. I did 30 laps (60 lengths of the pool) because of the 3 days that I was away, and then I walked up 20 flights of stairs. I realized just now that I didn't have to do the latter, but oh well. I guess the extra exercise can't hurt.

The whole family except for Ian went to the restaurant downstairs to eat. The food was great. I talked to my dad about Google Earth and biological computers and how the brain processes images. It was an interesting conversation.

When we came home, I installed Google Earth for my dad and showed him how to fly an F16 through the Alps. Then I checked my computer (21 unread items in Google Reader, 0 Facebook notifications), and then I wrote this.

Tomorrow I'm dropping my motorcycle off for servicing, then on Wednesday I'm going to go drive Hannah and her friends at Sunway, and on Thursday I'm going to walk to the KL tower. It should be a fun week.

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