Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Felt Daft and Relieved

I woke up at 10:30am today because my Physics exam is scheduled to start at 12:30. I read the Bible and didn't fall asleep, got dressed, had some breakfast, mucked about on the computer for a bit, and left at 11:45. When I arrived on the fourth floor, I didn't see any of my classmates. I checked my notebook to make sure I had got the right floor, and I saw that my test was indeed at 12:30 on the fourth floor, but it was on Thursday, not Tuesday.

When I got home I watched The Ugly Truth with my younger siblings. It was better than the Metacritic and RottenTomatoes score had led me to believe. My mum decided to join in halfway, which was awkward, but not as bad as the time she watched Juno with us.

After we finished the show I moved from one screen to the other and watched two more installments of the Up series on Ian's computer. It was really interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. The Up series is now my favorite documentary series. I do not know if I had a favorite documentary series before this, though, so that is a thing. Um, anyway, the Up series basically follows the lives of 14 children who interviewed when they were seven years old about what they wanted to do with their lives and stuff. That was in the mid-sixties, and every seven years they would be interviewed again to and they'd talk about what had changed and what had stayed the same and stuff, so you'd get to a glimpse into these people's lives and what impact their decisions years ago had on them as they grew and stuff, and it's really fascinating. I stopped watching at the start of the installment from 1991 where they're all 35 years old. I'm going to continue watching tomorrow or something.

Tomorrow is Engineering Mathematics Applications day. I will not turn on my computer until I have done all my leftover homework and revised all the material. I've got at least three hours worth of work, I think. At the very least I'll revise and highlight and do the excercises in the frames that I haven't completed, and then if I still have time I'll do the test exercises and such.

Back to today, though. After I stopped watching 35 Up, I moved to my computer and the third screen of the day. I was interrupted when I heard 2012 playing nearby, so I went to join Ian in watching it. It was either a pretty low quality DVD rip or a pretty high quality bootleg, but the end result was good enough. The only problem was that all the location names were in Russian and there were no subtitles for the non-English bits, but I got the gist. The movie itself was not as dumb as I thought it would be, although it was still pretty dang stupid. It was really enjoyable, though. There was a sufficient amount of explosions and stuff got destroyed real good, so I appreciated that. Also the characters who knew they were going to die generally made sure to tell their loved ones that they loved them, which was good. I always find myself wishing that people who are going to die or going to risk their lives would tell the people close to them that they love them. I feel that once that's done then it is a lot less worse if they do die, because then at least the people who will be mourning them knew that they were loved. This is the reason why I regularly tell my parents I love them whenever I'm about to go anywhere on my motorcycle. So yeah, fun movie, kinda dumb, but that's forgivable because it was all about the action anyway.

After 2012 was over I talked to Hannah for a while about our cats and stuff. One of the things I talked about was how mattresses on the floor are better than beds. I'm not really sure why I feel this way, but I much prefer sleeping on a mattress on the floor than a bed. I guess it's cozier.

Oh yeah, during the movie I got a call from Madam Esther. She asked why I quit BB, so I told her. Somehow she managed to convince me to join again, so now I am back in BB. I told her I'd just stay for the first few months of next year to help her with her plans for the company, and then I'd probably leave again. She was okay with that. So I guess I'm in BB again. I guess it was nice to have two weeks off, even though I was going to miss those weeks anyway because of replacement classes and finals. Oh well.

Also, my mum said that our church won't be having an overnight prayer meeting on New Year's Eve this year. This is excellent. I've always disliked New Year's Eve because of those meetings, since I only get along with a couple of people from church and I find the rest of them either annoying or uninteresting. Now instead of spending the start of the New Year in my room on my computer I can invite friends over and have a party or something. I think I'll mass-text everyone with an invitation after my Engineering Mathematics exam is done, since that's the final final and the end of my second semester. I think everyone else has plans for the night already, but it can't hurt to try. Even if none of my friends come, Ian's friends will probably come over for a party. I will do my best to make sure that that party involves a large amount of junk food and candy, because I like junk food and candy and I think other people do, too.

I wonder if I really will end up swimming everyday or taking a walk to the KL Tower during the semester break.

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