Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sleep and Cake and Studying

Today I woke up and fell back asleep because it was raining and I was comfortable. When I woke up again it was 8:15am. Engineering Mathematics Applications starts at 8:00am on Thursdays. I was still in my pajamas. It looked like I was going to be late for my first class because I slept in for the first time in two semesters. I went to my phone to call Mr Joel so I could tell him that I was going to be late, but when I reached my desk I saw that I had a text, and it was from Mr. Joel, and it said that class was cancelled today because it was raining and he couldn't make it to college for his first class. I put down the phone and went back to sleep.

When I woke up it was 9:15am. Advanced English starts at 9:30am on Thursdays. I was still in my pajamas. I managed to get ready in fifteen minutes, and I was on my motorcycle by 9:30.

I got to class around ten minutes after it was supposed to start, but there was no sign of Mr Dharminder. Jeh Ying and Alessandra told me it was Yu Yhee's birthday, and we decided that we were going to announce it to the class because it would be embarrassing for her and fun for us. More time passed without Mr Dharminder's presence, so I told my classmates about that one time when my dad got bored of waiting for his lecturer so he went over and locked the doors to the lecture hall. I decided to do the same thing so that I, too, would have a story to tell my children. My plan was foiled when a student latecomer had to be let in and I discovered I was too lazy to relock the door.

When Mr Dharminder finally did arrive, we told him about Yu Yhee's birthday and we all sang "Happy Birthday" for her. Then Jeh Ying and I volunteered to go grab some stuff for the class/birthday party that we were apparently having. We collected a couple of ringgit from each person and went off to get chips, napkins, cups, drinks, cakes, candles, and cutlery, in that order, while the rest of the class got their marks and did some revision. When we returned to class we once again sang "Happy Birthday" to Yu Yhee, and then we ate, and it was good. The cake was delicious. Near the end, we pulled a student out of the hall to take some class pictures for us. Before the party ended, Marcus told me that I had scored 43/50, which put him and Ka Jeng two points behind me. Later on I checked my e-mail and discovered that my score was in fact the highest score for the semester, so yeah, I'm awesome. Getting the High Distinction isn't going to be easy, though.

After the party ended I was allowed to keep the leftover Pepsi and potato chips since I had paid for the drinks and cake myself. I couldn't finish the Pepsi, so I left it with Zach. The two of us talked about the semester break and what we might do and what we were going to do. We also talked about Calculus. Apparently Mr Joel said he'd make the Calculus quizzes easier for the current semester. I don't wish he would have made our semester's quizzes easier, but I do wish he would have made them longer. I kept running out of time on those dang things.

At some point Amanda and Davinia passed by on the way to get something to eat, so I decided to follow them. They were going to Secret Recipe, which was excellent because that place has cakes and I like cakes a whole lot. When we got there they ordered a slice of cake each. Amanda also ordered a glass of Frosty Orange Juice, which she let me try. It was really good. We talked for a while and the girls spotted Roshaan and Vicky walking past and Nigel joined us near the end. Amanda and Davinia couldn't finish their cakes, so I helped. The cakes were delicious. I also got to finish Amanda's orange juice for her. I very much enjoy going out to eat with people who are almost full.

Amanda, Davinia, and Nigel all had classes at 12:30, so I went to the DSA to nap. Well, my original plan was to read through my Moral Studies notes and get very bored and tired to maximize the nap's potency, but before I could leave the table of contents I was interrupted by Aaron. He was selling these really cool anime-type pictures that his sister had drawn. They were pretty dang awesome, but I'm not a fan of the style she used. Aaron thanked me for my time and left, and then I fell asleep. It was very nice.

When I awoke it was time for Critical Thinking Skills. Today we watched our classmates do some presentations, and then we got our scores back. Ka Jeng had brought in her lunch from McDonald's and she was sharing it with everyone during the presentations. She let me finish her French fries when there was still, like, half a pack left. I don't think I could ever be that generous. French fries are delicious. Anyway, when the presentations were over we got our scores back for our second quiz. I got 4.875 out of 5 because I only got three questions wrong. Ka Jeng didn't do as well as I thought she would. Argument diagramming really tripped her up. She still has me beat on presentation and mid-term scores, though.

When my CTS was finished I sat down somewhere to talk to someone or something. Amanda passed by and asked why I didn't reply to her text. I checked my phone and saw that while I was napping she had asked me if I would study with her later. When she passed by again I said I would, so we did. We only managed to cover one out of six of the chapters that will be coming out for the finals. Well, we also did the beginning of another chapter, but it was a big chapter so the start hardly counts. We made plans to continue studying at her house, but when I got to my motorcycle she called and said that I couldn't come over if her mum wasn't there because of their house rules on boys, so I said that we could just go over to my house instead. Right when we were about to leave the car park she remembered that she had church today, so we rescheduled our study session to tomorrow and I went home.

I forgot what I did when I got home, but I know that during the night-time I reminded Hannah that she had to do her daily exercise and she did a couple of sets before saying that she was giving up on the month-long routine after a week because she wasn't seeing any results. She said she would do a half-hour of Wii boxing and some sit-ups every day instead. Later on she changed her mind and now the routine is a half-hour of playing the Wii every day and maybe some sit-ups if I remind her and she isn't feeling lazy. That girl has commitment issues.

Oh yeah I also found out that I was the highest scorer in Advanced English this semester, so I gloated about that to Joanna for a while. That was nice.

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