Friday, December 25, 2009

Walking and Christmas Eve

So I did walk to the KL tower from my house. I left at a few minutes before one in the afternoon, and I arrived at around two forty-five. Not much happened along the way, and it didn't take as long as I thought it would. I did meet a couple of guys trying to get a stalled car working again, and I tried to help out, but there wasn't much that could be done.

Anyway, at the tower I watched a free short documentary about its construction, and then I bought a souvenir. The souvenir was a key chain with three landmarks in the order I passed them: Dataran Merdeka, Menara Kuala Lumpur, and the Petronas Twin Towers. I managed to get a ninety-cent discount on it, which was something like 20% of its original cost, so that was nice. I didn't go up to the top because that would cost something like thirty ringgits, and all I had left was my RM10 emergency money. I called my mum up and asked if she'd cover the cost of the train ride back if I used that money, and she said she would, so that was also nice.

The twin towers are just down the road from the KL tower. When I got there I walked around to the front, admired the view, and wondered how the French spiderman guy managed to make it to the top a few months back. Cool dude, that guy. Anyway, I went inside Suria KLCC to check out the decorations. They were pretty lame compared to the Pavilion.

I took the LRT back to the Bangsar station and walked home. I wanted to go swimming after I got back, but since it was raining and we had to leave to go for the Christmas party in our Aunt's house soon, my dad said I shouldn't, so I didn't. Instead I took a shower and went on the computer.

The party was fun. We got to meet some people from last year's party, and the food was good, especially the trifle dessert. Conversations at the Christmas parties are always entertaining, too. One of the guests was a girl who I met a year or so ago when I was doing my driving test when I overheard her talking about how my cousin, Dexter, failed the test, so it was cool meeting her again. After the food was done we went to the living room for further conversation and Rock Band. I fell asleep waiting for them to play Creep, and when I woke up it was Christmas.

So yeah, long walk, fun party, good day. Later on I might be going to a friend's Christmas party or I might get stuck at church. We'll see.

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