Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So, Yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up at noon and discovered that Ebony was in our house getting ready to leave for a girl's camp with Hannah and Susanna. I also found out that Jan and Ian were going to a cybercafe, and I wanted to go, too. I had to rush a bit to get myself ready.

At the CC, we played the third campaign of Left 4 Dead 2 with Kenneth. It went a lot smoother than the last time we played. Only two of us managed to escape, though, but that's because everyone ran off to do their own thing during the finale instead of following my plan. After that Kenneth decided to play Counter-Strike, so Ian, Jan, and I played the second campaign without him. I thought the fourth player would be a bot, but some guy from elsewhere in the CC joined instead, and he was a complete idiot so we died before even reaching the first safehouse. Jan got bored of L4D2 after that, so Ian and I played Generals against each other and a bunch of bots. We both died pretty quickly.

After we were done with the CC we went home, and I went on my computer until late in the night-time. I mostly played around with Google Earth, which is really really awesome. I know I should have been this excited about the program four years ago when it was released, but I never spent much time with it so I'm only now discovering its awesomeness. You can zoom in to any outdoor area on earth, change the time of day or time in history (I saw a plot of trees across from my house turn into an awesome high-class apartment block), or, best of all, switch to a flight simulator at any time. I flew an F16 around KL, then I tried to fly a prop plane through the Grand Canyon (I got lost in a dead end and crashed), then I flew to the Burj Dubai, then I flew 300km from Paris to the Netherlands. That last flight took me half an hour or so, but it was pretty dang cool. I took the coastal route.

I also went swimming, but I only did 20 laps so it only took me fifteen minutes or so.

Ian and Jan want to throw a barbecue on New Year's Eve, which is awesome because I want to do that, too. After I get my dad's permission I'll post an event on Facebook and send out invites and stuff. Should be a lot of fun.

Also I got a reply to an e-mail that I sent as a reply to an e-mail I received two years ago. The e-mail from two years ago was about catching up after a while of losing touch, so there is some nice symmetry going on here. It's cool to see what's changed with this dude I've known from the internet since I was like twelve or something. Now he's about to graduate from university and he's got his own web company with his brother and a friend and stuff, so that is cool to know. It's kind of like the Up series, but more personal. If you still have the e-mail address of a friend from your past, you should ask them how they're doing. It'll always have interesting results.

Yeah I think that's all I got. Oh yeah, I should've dropped my motorcycle off yesterday at the repair place to have it serviced, but I forgot.

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