Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zack and Holmes

Today I woke up at noon and had cereal for lunch. I saw an article in the newspaper that said The Star was giving out free tickets to a Sherlock Holmes' premiere that evening, so I told Jan about it and said we would be leaving at four.

In the meanwhile we went to get my motorcycle back from servicing. What my dad said yesterday was right, it does feel like new. Hopefully I won't wreck it again next semester.

I spent the rest of the afternoon eating pie and reading about Improv Everywhere's latest missions. At four o'clock I put in my contact lenses, grabbed my backpack full of books, and met Jan at my dad's car to go over and get the tickets.

I had found the location for the ticket giveaway using Google Earth. It was right next to the Curve, and I knew the way there, but I managed to get lost anyway. The parking spot I picked wasn't exactly optimal, either. We had to walk quite a long way to get to where we needed to be. The car would be there for eight hours, so we'd probably also have to pay a whole bunch for the parking ticket when we were done.

When we arrived at the cineplex there were already around twenty people in line, but they didn't seem to be lining up for anything. We stood behind them, anyway. The line shifted a couple of times before moving to another location completely, but the final place was in front of a table and everything so we knew it was official. I passed the time by reading World War Z for the third time. It's a good book. Jan went on a nearby computer or something. I would've made friends with people in the line, but when I asked them which college they were attending they told me they were still in secondary school, and then I realized that I did not know what else to talk about so I stopped.

After we got our tickets we still had two and a half hours to burn, so I kept reading my book and Jan kept listening to his iPod before we got hungry and wandered off to find an ATM and a Burger King. The Burger King we settled on was pretty dang spacious. I decided not to order so many onion rings any more. They aren't that fantastic anyway.

When we got back to the cinema I let Jan read World War Z while I read a few short stories from the book Joelah had traded with me for Freakonomics and the Jeffery Archer short story compilation. They were short and interesting, which was good. Jan took a while with World War Z, but he enjoyed it, which is good.

We went into the cinema a few minutes before the movie was due to start. They played sponsor-related promotional material to outdated popular music for a few minutes, and then switched to trailers that didn't seem suited to the target audience at all.

The actual movie was very entertaining. It was like a semi-steampunk Victorian buddy cop movie with a dash of Dan Brown and an unmistakable RDJ-ness throughout. I don't think anyone could watch it and not enjoy it. I recommend it.

Jan and I were among the last few people to leave the cinema. I stuck around for the closing credits because of the song that they had playing (Rocky Road to Dublin), and then stayed on until the credits stopped rolling just to see how many other people would stick around just because I was sticking around and they thought I knew something they didn't.

Anyway, when Jan and I got back to the car, all the autopay stations were closed. I decided to just drive up to the exit and ask where to pay. Surprisingly, the guard told me that I could just pay right at the booth, and it would only be RM2, so that was nice.

We got a bit lost on the way home, but we made it eventually. Jan got out and helped me park. I took the stairs upstairs so I won't have to when I wake up later, and then I got changed and went swimming for the day.

Tomorrow I'm going to Sunway. I hope I don't use too much money.

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