Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Down, Three to Go

I woke up at ten in the morning today. That was pretty great. I got ready for the day and had some cereal for breakfast. I haven't had cereal for breakfast in a long while. It was nice.

At 11:45 I arrived at Wisma HELP and started studying for my Moral Studies exam. When I arrived there weren't many people, so I just sat next to the closest people I recognized and started reading. I had sat next to Ashley, and so I asked her if it was her birthday today since that is what Facebook had said it was. She said Facebook was correct so I wished her happy birthday, and then I spent the next 45 minutes reading through the Moral Studies notes and asking people how much they needed to score to pass.

The test started at 12:30. It wasn't that hard. I'm pretty sure I got the 14 marks I needed to pass, and I'm certain I didn't get the 39 marks I needed for a credit.

I finished the test about half an hour early and read through the remaining chapters in my Critical Thinking Skills textbook. At one point I popped down to the library, but only Davinia and Samuel were there so I went back up to the exam floor to read instead. I finished the book at 3:30 and set the alarm on my phone for ten minutes before the Advanced English exam was going to begin, and then I took a nap. When I woke up I saw Jacob and Oliver arrive from the elevator, so I asked them how much they needed to score to pass and stuff. When I tried to find other people to talk to, the exam halls opened and everyone started moving inside.

I found a seat and filled in the stuff that had to be filled in. I noticed that my hands were shaking, which was odd because I wasn't worried about the test at all. I had already passed the subject; the only thing that would be decided by this final was whether I got a Distinction or a High Distinction. Anyway, I got up and went to my bag to get some gum to chew. I think that stopped the shaking.

The test was easy. I only had two trouble spots, but they were only worth one point each so I didn't get too worked up over them. My summary and essay were okay. They definitely aren't going to get me top marks, but I should get more than half marks for them, and I think that should be enough. I guess in the end it all comes down to which lecturer is marking my paper. It kinda sucks that my final grade will be decided by something so arbitrary, but that's life. Anyway, I started packing up my stationary the moment I had finished the last sentence of my essay. I didn't bother to revise my answers. I handed in my exam an hour early and went home. I think I was the first to finish.

When I got home I had a great big bowl of spaghetti carbonara while I watched TV. I think I'll take a nap soon, too. Only three more finals left. Yay.

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