Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cookies and Naps that I Wish I Had Taken

I dropped my phone when I was leaving today. Fortunately it's an older Sony Ericsson model, so it wasn't damaged. I had to restart it because the SIM connection was a bit fiddly, but other than that it was fine. I realized I got a text from Joanna saying that she wouldn't be in college today because of a family emergency and I should pass that information on to Ms Selena. Anyway, I think I'll replace my phone sometime. It's very hardy, but the camera is broken and the screen is glitchy and I don't have a transfer cable and for some ridiculous reason it can only store around 100 text messages, whereas other phones don't even seem to have a limit.

I arrived almost fifteen minutes late for Psychology, which is the latest I've arrived for a class except for that one time last semester when I was an hour late for Advanced English because I was listening to Juria's birthday story, I think. Anyway I was lucky because Ms Selena was just starting the class when I arrived, so I told her that Joanna had a family emergency and wouldn't be coming today and then the lesson began. We learned about the eye and other sensory organs. We were told that people can taste stuff with the inside of our cheeks. I tried it out with a Nano Nano. It's true, we can.

After Psychology I had a nice long break, so I went with Amanda to McDonald's. It was still too early in the day for the lunch discounts, so I just ordered some twister fries and we shared those. When lunch was over we went back to Amanda's place because she was kinda sick of college and our next class wasn't until two o'clock anyway. In Amanda's house I had some really yummy butter cookies. They were the same kind as I had on Christmas, and they had maintained their level of deliciousness in the weeks that had passed. Amanda and I sat around talking about guys and their intentions, her family, and movies that, oh my goodness, I had to watch (Amanda's words, not mine). She actually wrote me a list of movies that she loved and I needed to watch. I haven't even heard of most of them: A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, The Sweetest Thing, Stepmom, Simon Birch, and Sleepers. Anyway I took a quick nap on the beanbags in her living room and then we went back to college. At college I realized I wasn't hungry for McDonald's any more which meant that Amanda's cookies had saved me RM12, which was nice. I did buy some nuggets from the marketing students because I like eating meat and helping marketing students. I spent the rest of the break talking and napping and eating tiramisu that someone had bought. The tiramisu kinda tasted like bananas.

Physics was okay. We learned about springs and waves, and the concepts were pretty easy to grasp.

Back home, Faith was lounging on the couch in a ridiculously cute manner. I woke Hannah up from her name to come over and see him, but he had moved. Anyway because I woke Hannah up, she had me take her to drop off her phone for repairs. She also wanted to go pick up her iPod, but I got her a slurpee instead. Of the RM50 that I withdrew on Saturday, I have RM10 left.

When I got back home again I took a nice long nap. After that I went on my computer for a bit, then I read the last few pages of my Psychology textbook, and then I exercised for a bit. I'm a bit surprised at how quickly I managed to finish reading my Psychology textbook. Also the sit-ups and push-ups are becoming easier to do. I did seventy-five push-ups today. I think I'll do a hundred tomorrow and maintain that. I might up the amount of sit-ups. I think I can feel an improvement.

My arms have been trembling slightly the whole time I've been writing this. I'm going to shrug that off as the after-effects of the push-ups.

When I wake up I'm going to wash my face so I don't fall back to sleep again, and then I'm going to have some cereal.

If I end up going to Amanda's house some other Monday, then I'm going to be sure to eat more cookies and spend more time on her beanbags. Her family has a very comfortable living room; I want to spend more time napping in it.

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