Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Day of My Last Semester

So it was back to routine again. I woke up at six-thirty, read the Bible, had some cereal, put in my contact lenses and freshened up for the day, grabbed my bag and left for college.

My motorcycle was on the verge of dying right up to the first traffic light. I had to hold down the choke right up 'til then. I managed to get to college safe and sound, though. Now that my helmet box is attached again, I don't have to hook my helmet under the seat any more. That's nice.

Since I arrived at HELP at around seven thirty, Carmeni was the only other friend I saw. We talked for a bit and she told me that Finite Mathematics classes weren't starting until the tenth, so I decided to accompany her to her statistics class. The first stats class had a quiz to assess their knowledge so it could be compared to the end of the semester. The bits on probability were pretty simple, but I just guessed the rest of the answers. Once we were done with the quiz we were allowed to leave.

As we were leaving the classroom, Carmeni and I started arguing about whether salvation was based on works or faith. She had said something about people going to hell based on what they did, which I think is bull, so then she asked me why then was there purgatory, and I told her that there wasn't. She didn't believe me and bet me two ringgit that there was Biblical evidence of purgatory. I took the bet.

After that I went to the admin desk to see what the status on the Finite Maths sign-ups were, and I was told that they had already started, which meant that Carmeni was either misinformed or a liar. I'm assuming the former. Anyway, I went to the lab to sign up for my Finite Maths group. While I was there I also went on line to check if the Bible mentions purgatory, and it does not. That was nice.

Once I had signed up for my Finite Maths group I realized that the first class was from eight to nine-thirty, which meant that it was just ending. I ran over to the class just in time to meet the lecturer and add my name and details to the class roster. The lecturer looks like a nice enough guy. He's old and Chinese. Should be fun.

My next class was at twelve, so I mostly just hung around talking to people. I found out that Alessandra had managed to get three High Distinctions last semester, bringing her total up to five. I found out later that she was one of only three people to get HDs for Psychology. I'm glad she was in my group for Malaysian Studies and Advanced English. Anyway, I spent most of my first break with Amanda. We went to McDonald's and I bought fries and we talked and ate and then got root beer. Apparently Amanda only had RM300 to spend for the whole of last semester, which is probably three or four times less than I got and averaged to around three ringgit a day, which is ridiculous. I'm suddenly a whole bunch more appreciative of my allowance. Also I found out that Carmeni thought that my family was rich, which is silly. We aren't even upper middle class. We are just middle class and my parents may be giving us a bit too much disposable income, but do not tell my dad that I said that.

At twelve I rode to the science lab for my first Physics lecture. I was told that six people had survived from last semester, so now our class was around half the size. We didn't really learn anything in class aside from the course outline and where our marks would be coming from. Our final chapter is going to be modern physics, which I am very excited for. The list of subjects we'll be covering looks a lot more difficult than last semester, so I don't have high hopes for a distinction or anything, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to pass this. If I work hard enough I'm confident that I'll pass, actually, so it's all a matter of how much effort I put into this subject.

Class ended early, so I rode back to the main block and took a nap. At two o'clock it was time for Psychology. I'm in Psychology with Carmeni, Joanna, Arun, and this girl from my Moral Studies class who was dressed exactly like Hannah. She had a purple shirt, a brown scarf, jeans, converse shoes, heck, she even had brown hair. She's one of the better looking people in class. Right behind me was this Chinese girl who dyed her hair yellow and wore Hello Kitty crocs. Yikes.

Psychology was a fun class. Ms Selena is an excellent lecturer to have, and I could tell that I was going to have fun. Whether I would be able to out-perform Alessandra in this subject was a different question, though, but I think that I should be able to get a at least a Distinction if I put the effort into this.

I've only got one class on Wednesday. It's a Finite Maths class from two o'clock to three-thirty. I think I've already learnt most of the stuff in Finite Mathematics during Engineering Mathematics Applications and Calculus, so I think I'll do okay. I think it'll be my HD subject of the semester. I hope it'll be my HD subject of the semester. Also, Elo will be coming back on Wednesday and I will try to meet all the people from last semester who I did not meet earlier. I am looking forward to it.

Also it has been nice not to have to swim today. I don't think I gained anything from all those laps, except for the knowledge that I am able to stick to a routine like that. Next time I'll be doing more laps, and I'll be doing them in the day. It will be nice to finish with some muscles and a tan. Anyway I'll try to remember to add push-ups to my new routine which is currently just sit-ups. I will do twenty-five push-ups, and I will do them on Saturday. I hope.

Oh yeah, after college I filled up my motorcycle and it cost RM11, which is three ringgit more than usual, so either they raised the price or my motorcycle was dangerously low on fuel. It rides a lot better now with its full tank, so that's nice. Also Hannah woke me up in the middle of a nap to give me a back massage, which was also nice, because right after I could go back to sleep feeling a lot more relaxed. I love naps and massages and I hope to combine them more often.

I want to watch Avatar in 3D with a friend.

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