Monday, January 11, 2010

I Drove and Drove and Drove

Jan had to go to a BB meeting after church, so I volunteered to drive him. First, however, we stopped over at a corner shop for some lunch. When we were sitting down at our table I noticed that Elo was having lunch with some people one table over, and my mum noticed that her doctor was at another close table. We said hi. That was a nice coincidence.

When we got home it was apparent that we had spent a bit too long having lunch and so Jan was going to be late. I took the keys to Ian's car and dropped Jan off at the YMCA, which is where he had said the meeting was going to be. On my way home, he called and said that the meeting was actually at Wesley Methodist Church, so I turned around and picked him up. I got lost on the way there, so I asked Jan to call Ian so he could use Google Earth to guide us there. Ian failed, so Jan called and said he would be really late and was told that if that was the case he didn't need to go, so I drove him home.

When I got back home I barely had time to settle down before I got a call from Audrey asking me to pick Hannah up from her house in half an hour. I looked up her address on Google Earth and said told her it was entirely doable. An hour later I remembered where I had to be and got in the car and drove to pick Hannah up.

I arrived at the road, but then I realized I wasn't given a house number. I called my mum to ask for Audrey's phone number so I could call and ask which house it was, but as I was talking to my mum I saw a bunch of girls with a bunch of dogs leave a house. As they got closer I recognized them as Audrey, Hannah, Ebony, and Audrey's sister. That was good timing.

I got out of the car and walked the dogs with them. Ebony and I took our dogs far ahead of the rest, but I stopped for a rest while the others caught up. Audrey told me I shouldn't've sat where I was sitting because the person who owned the house I was in front of did not like dogs. Later on she told me that that person was Anwar Ibrahim. We also saw one of the cop cars that patrolled the area every half hour because of that.

At Audrey's house I had some pop tarts and sat around playing with a hamster because Hannah didn't want to go yet. We finally left when my dad called and said that she had to be home immediately because she had had a long day. Ebony came home with us because I had offered to drive her home, too.

I barely had time to hang up the car keys before my dad asked me to go drive him to Mid Valley so he could pick up a thing to fix a door. I managed to drag Jan along with me and buy enough time for a quick nap. On the way back from Mid Valley we wanted to stop off at Sin Kee for dinner, but the restaurant was too crowded, so we resolved to come back later after I had dropped Ebony off.

Ebony didn't know where exactly her house was, so I told her to get the address and look it up on Google Earth. She only managed to get the general area, but that didn't matter because she told me that she could direct me once I got to Tropicana Mall, and I can get there without a map.

After Hannah and I dropped Ebony off we went to meet my dad and Jan at Sin Kee. The food had just arrived when we got there. They were out of chicken chops because it was closing time, but the pork chop that I got instead was good enough.

Back home Hannah finally gave me the massage she promised me for driving her to and from Sunway a while back. For all the delay, it was merely okay. Audrey had told her about Paranormal Activity and she was scared, so she moved over to my parents' room to sleep that night, and so I got to read my Psychology textbook in her beanbag. It was very comfortable.

My first Monday at college starts in eight hours. Should be fun.

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