Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late to Rise, Late to Bed

So after I wrote my last post, Ian came home and said that he had three people ready to play Left 4 Dead 2 and he needed a fourth person, so of course I agreed. Sean Joel and Jan were the other two. Ian was rushing me a bit, but I got to eat a bit of bacon and eggs before I went.

Anyway first we had to go pass some money over to the dad of the dude whose car Ian hit a while back. We spent enough time waiting for me to be able to say that Ian could've waited at least until I got my contact lenses in before we left. Ah well.

L4D2 was awesome fun as usual. The only downside was that Ian didn't want to cooperate on the first finale, and we ended up having to turn down the difficulty to Normal to get past. Also the guys who ran the cybercafe kept dropping by to tell us to "make the noise small". We shrugged them off. Anyway the second campaign we played was hilarious fun, so that was good.

After that we went over to Maybank so I could get some money (I now have RM150 in my bank, which is still quite a bit) and then we had some KFC. The popcorn chicken was pretty yummy.

Nothing much happened on the drive after that. We sent Sean Joel home and listened to football on the radio, but that was it.

Anyway back home I saw that Hannah's beanbag was in the living room. Hannah said it was there because it had a hole in it and she was waiting for Aunty Rosie to sew it up. Also, Yii Huei and Rebecca are staying over. I've only had, like, one sleepover ever, and that was when I was eight or something. Maybe I'm jealous.

Anyway I'm going to read and exercise and go to bed. I think I'll chew gum to stay awake in church tomorrow. Other plans for tomorrow include watching The Hurt Locker and taking a nap.

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