Friday, January 8, 2010

The Last Day of the First Week of My Last Semester

Four day school weeks are nice.

My classes started at eleven today. I ended up leaving a little later than I should have due to procrastination. My motorcycle ride took five and a half minutes, and I arrived in class just before Ms Selina. Psychology was fun and interesting. During class I checked how many pages there were, divided that amount by 14, and then resolved to read 42 pages a day so that I'd be finished with the book in two weeks' time.

That's what I spent my break doing, mostly. I read the entire preface and ten or so actual pages (I didn't count preface pages as part of the daily 42 because they are in Roman numerals), and then I had to go to my Finite Maths class. I was a little early, though, so I went up to Giant for a while to grab something to snack on. When I was there I started looking for the packet of chips that would give me the most bang for my buck, and settled on an 80g pack of Roller Coasters for one-something ringgit. It was pretty tasty.

Finite Maths was again covering stuff I had already learned. I ended up falling asleep halfway through class, but the lecturer gave us a break so I went to wash my face so I'd be more alert when we did the exercises and stuff.

After Finite Maths I went over for my Physics lecture. We learnt about matter phases and deformation from stress and pressure and stuff. It was cool.

Back at home I made myself some pancakes from batter in the fridge. I also fell asleep while reading a few more pages of the psychology textbook. Ian woke me up because he was heading to the CC to play Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead was awesome fun. We were at a different cybercafe than last time. The graphics were spectacularly better, and there were headphones so I could finally hear what the game sounded like. It sounds awesome. Also the guns and gore are absolutely beautiful. We had a good time playing with friends, even though I lost pretty much every round.

On the way home we stopped for McDonald's. As I was eating I found another cockroach on me, for a lifetime total of a dozen or something. I stopped counting a while back. I do not know why those bugs are attracted to me; I shower everyday. Maybe I just have some kind of animal magnetism. It would explain why my cat is so attached to me, at least.

Anyway when I got back home I finished up my daily reading and did my sit-ups and came here to write this. Tomorrow I'll be sleeping in and then I'm taking Hannah and Stefanie to Central Market. I forgot why. I think Stefanie persuaded me to do it just for the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being a helpful brother. Stefanie is dangerously persuasive. I like it better when Hannah's the one asking for favours; then at least I can extract French fries or something from her. Oh well.

That is pretty much it for this post. Oh yeah, Elo came back today. It was nice to see her again, I guess.

Finally here is a list of people who want to be on lists:
1) Joanna Noelle Ambrose

Wish granted, I guess.

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