Friday, January 15, 2010

I Can Control My Hands, but Not My Mouth

Thursday, hmm. I woke up after around six hours of sleep, took a nap, went through my morning routine, took my motorcycle to college, helped Denise out with her Finite Mathematics, and then went for my first class.

Psychology was okay. We mostly reviewed what we'd learned early, and then we covered a bit of Psychophysics, which I find very interesting. Also, there are only three dudes in the class. There aren't any really outstanding girls in the class, except for maybe this girl who was also in my moral class last semester. Her Arabic pronunciation seems perfect and she looks Eurasian or something. I guess I should figure her out before I'm done with this semester. Oh yeah, I also volunteered to show up on Friday for this meeting to raise funds for HELP's rush race.

Psychology ended early, so my break was a bit longer than an hour and a half. I spent it with Joanna, mostly. I followed her to the lab and took my RISK turns while waiting for her friend to be done with some assignment. I also read thirty out of fifty of the best places for the best food in the world. I found it because I was using Google while hungry. Oh yeah, Joanna and I continued our argument about whether belief in a non-specific god is enough to get a person into heaven (it isn't). I don't think we reached a definite conclusion. Oh well, at least we'll have something to talk about later. Anyway afterwards we went to McDonald's. The fries were rather above their usual standards of tastiness, so that was nice. Right before my class was about to start I bought some Nano-Nano sweets.

Finite Mathematics was okay. I fell asleep midway through but woke up when my name was called when the lecturer was taking attendance. After that we were free to work on our tutorials, but I understood everything there already so I helped out other people. The lecturer noticed that I wasn't doing anything, so he assigned me a specific question to test if I really did know the material. I managed to do most of it, but I did get a bit wrong. I figured out my problem and fixed it, though. I think the rest of the class may see me as the smart one. I like that. I certainly wasn't the fast one in Engineering Mathematics Applications last semester, and I'm pretty sure I was only the inquisitive one in Physics.

Between Finite Maths and Physics I had a wee little break, so I talked to Amanda and people in the meanwhile. Joanna is kinda forcing people to go to this Valentine's day thing that she's organizing for her Public Relations class on the eleventh of February. Also she wants sponsors, so I'll have to remember to ask Clement if he could help out with that. Anyway, Amanda said that I can be her Valentine at the event if we both end up going. That means that there is no way it will suck worse than last year's annual ball. I doubt it'll suck. Even if it does end up sucking, there's a McDonald's nearby where I can eat all the suck away.

Physics was okay. It was a tutorial day, so we just had to get the answers to some questions and then we could go. I made some mistakes with decimal places and I had to look at the answer sheet for some of the last few questions, but overall I understood what was going on, so I think I'm okay. So far the subject is only marginally more difficult than last year.

Elo was doing some Finite Mathematics homework as I passed her on the way out, so I stopped to help her out a bit. It's a pretty easy subject and I like it so far. Solving the questions is kinda fun in an intellectually stimulating sorta way.

Back home I removed my contact lenses and changed into my unsightly-yet-comfortable at-home clothes and got ready for a nap, but then I was told that we were going out for dinner so I changed right back. That was a bit tedious. KFC was merely okay. There were a bunch of transsexuals next to us in line. A disproportionate amount of transsexual sightings seem to have occurred at KFC. What is up with that place and shemales? I think I've only ever seen, like, one transsexual outside KFC. Maybe two. The other half-dozen or so sightings have that odd fried chicken theme going on. It's weird.

When we got back home again I took my Psychology book to Hannah's room to read, but I didn't get far. Hannah and I watched Faith roam around the room instead. He's a strange cat, he is. It's going to be pretty hard to find another cat that can take his place after he's gone, but hopefully that won't be 'till midway through the decade or so.

I did the rest of my reading in the living room. Jan was lounging on the couch with his iPod, my mum gave Hannah her first razor, Mercy hopped on the chair I was in and snuggled up next to me, but nothing else really happened. Wait, actually I guess something else did happen. I finished the last bit of licorice that was Hannah's Christmas present for me. I think I'll go buy some more.

Also today Jan and I talked about how we both confessed our attraction to girls and how they both shot us down with the answer that they already knew we liked them and they had no feelings for us although they did think that we shouldn't be with them anyway because they weren't the best people (in Jan's case because she was a "bitch" and in mine, a "slut"). Women, eh?

Also also, I realized today that it seems most of my classes are scheduled directly after Mr Joel's classes, since his writing's always on the board when I walk in. Ever semester his "x" becomes harder and harder to recognize. In my first semester it was basically an "n", but now it's morphed into something pretty different.

Speaking of Mr Joel's classes, I also saw Sue Ann today. She confirmed that she got a High Distinction for EMA. I knew she would. I wished her good luck with the rest of her studies and stuff.

I should sleep earlier and wake up later on Friday night. I'm a pretty tired dude.

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