Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Wow, This One's Done Before Midnight

Today was a Wednesday, so I only had one class: Finite Mathematics. I woke up in the late morning feeling fairly rested. I made myself a pancake for breakfast.

I arrived in class almost exactly at 2:00pm. The lecturer was ten minutes late. The lecture once again covered stuff I already knew, so I stayed awake by chewing gum, playing with a component of a file holder that I found a while ago, and thinking about video-goggles and what time it would be when I looked at my watch. We got a five minute break, and I used it to dash across the hall to exchange greetings with Davinia before heading back to drink some water and return to class. The remaining few minutes passed slowly, but they passed.

When I got home I went on the computer for a bit until Hannah summoned me and we went to Bangsar Village together to read and stuff. We stayed for three and a half hours. Hannah finished three books, and I finished The Lost Symbol. It's certainly an entertaining read.

As we were parking back home, we spotted my dad's car. We met up with him and he took us out for dinner at Sin Kee. The chicken chop and pork chop recipe had been changed. Now there's cheese on top of the meats. I usually don't eat cheese, but after the first few bites it was pretty okay. I think I still prefer it cheeseless, though.

Anyway now I've got a cheque from my dad to pay for my school fees. I have to remember to hand it in tomorrow. I've still got to read my Psychology textbook and do my first bit of homework and a hundred sit-ups, but there is still a lot of night left to go.

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