Sunday, January 3, 2010

My First Movie of the Year and Such

I woke up in the afternoon again today. Hannah and Stefanie wanted to go to Mid Valley to watch a movie, so I said I'd drive them there since I wanted to watch Avatar. They were quite impatient, though. Hannah was very glad when I'd finally finished my (delicious) lunch and gotten ready to go.

First my dad drove to the pharmacy to pick up some meds and kit-kats, then he let me have the car. It took me a really long time to find parking in Mid Valley. Stefanie got sick of waiting, so she climbed out of the car while it was still moving. I stopped to let Hannah out after that. I found a parking space a few moments later, which was nice.

The line for the movie was pretty long. Someone near the end got distracted, so I walked to the spot in front of him and he didn't notice. Hannah and Stefanie hung around trying to work up the courage to ask someone in the front to buy tickets for them, but it didn't work out. Instead they found Ebony somehow and started talking to her. I said hi to Ebony as her sister and she passed me, but I might as well have been invisible. Her sister pointed me out to her right before they went down the escalators though, so she did end up noticing and saying hi.

Hannah managed to cut forward a bit in line, and Stefanie and I joined her. When I got to the counter, the guy told me that all the screenings of Avatar in 3D were sold out. There was no way I was going to watch it in 2D, so I almost left, but I decided to see what Hannah and Stefanie were doing. The guy at their counter managed to get me a ticket to the nine thirty screening. It was in a spot off-centre and real close to the screen, but it was a lot better than nothing. I drove back home and took a nap while waiting.

At around seven I woke up and went to pick up Hannah and Stefanie. We drove around a bit while waiting for Ryan Seacrest to reach the number one song of the decade on his countdown. It was "Yeah" by Usher. The aughts were a pretty shitty decade musically, methinks.

After I dropped the girls off I went back to Mid Valley. I had dinner at Burger King and omitted my usual items of an ice cream and extra onion rings. I know why I left out the onion rings, but I think the only reason I didn't have an ice cream was because I forgot to order one. BK ice creams are wonderful.

The hall that was screening Avatar opened a few minutes late, and so I missed a few previews because of my decision to finish the large coke that came with my meal at BK. The movie itself was awesome, especially so because of the 3D. I think that I might watch it again, if I get the chance. The plot and dialogue weren't as stupid as I thought they would be, and the visuals matched my high expectations.

When I was walking back to the car after the movie finished, I got a text from Athirah. I gave her a call after I parked back home. I think it's the first time I've ever spoken to her. There were a lot of awkward pauses, but I did my best to cheer her up.

After I'd said goodnight I went upstairs, turned off the shower that Hannah had left dripping for goodness knows how long, changed into my swimming stuff and went downstairs for my ten laps. This time I wasn't interrupted by any guards, thankfully. On my way upstairs I noticed people in the multi-purpose hall. I wanted to investigate closer, but I didn't recognize anyone on first glance as I was passing, so I decided not to. I changed my mind after I heard some very familiar-sounding laughter. Turns out Ian and his friends were playing poker inside. Joel was winning quite a lot. I talked about Avatar and tried to convince Joel to watch it in 3D. It seems everyone I talked to has seen it in 2D, which is such a waste. This is probably - no, definitely - the best-looking 3D movie ever, plus subtitles for the alien language are in English in the 3D version so you can actually understand what's going on. It's more than worth the extra six ringgit.

Anyway because I'm posting this at 4am, I'm going to be hella tired at church tomorrow. Oh well.

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