Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Days in One Post

I did not do much on Monday. In college, a few more people were zapped. At home, I installed Stubbs the Zombie on Ian's computer and played it for a bit. I also watched Fantastic Mr Fox. It was okay, I enjoyed. Hannah managed to cut herself in the shower again, and Jan installed Far Cry 2 on his computer. Also I watched Dirty Jobs and did some exercise and then I went to bed without blogging.

I other stuff happened on Monday but I don't think I can remember. I do recall that on Saturday the air conditioning was turned on, which made it better than all the replacement Saturdays from last semester.

On Tuesday I made the decision to withdraw the RM50 that I had been planning to save. I spent some of it on Subway and some of it on potato chips. Subway was delicious, and so were the chips. I don't think I regret it.

Classes during the two days were okay. We did some meditation in Psychology on Tuesday, and I played with slinkies and springs in Physics.

Other things that happened on Tuesday, too. More people were zapped and back home we had mini hash brown things and breaded fish for dinner, which was delicious. I also installed Command & Conquer: Generals on my computer and played a few missions before discovering that all my saves from the last time I had the game installed were still there. I have saves from 2007. Awesome.

I think it rained on Monday and I rode back through it and got all wet. The could've been another day, though. I know it rained on Tuesday. I decided to stay behind and wait it out. In the meanwhile I talked with Carmeni and Kaminie about foods that I do not like to eat. The were shocked at how un-Malaysian my palate was.

Oh yeah, I also spent a considerable amount of time in Giant looking at the different candies and snack foods. I was comparing prices and wondering if I should buy anything. In the end I decided not to, but it was an educational experience nonetheless.

Man, this post is all over the place. Anyway my dad said we've got to be in bed by 12am every night or else he'll deduct RM50 from our allowance. Also I've got to drive Hannah to some place tomorrow in the morning. I was looking forward to sleeping in, too. Oh well.

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