Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Responsibilities, Yay

I woke up this morning on the couch. I had originally intended to nap on it for a wee bit before taking a shower and going to bed, but the nap lasted way too long. Anyway I did take a shower and I did go to bed. I woke up again at two in the afternoon.

Anyway, Friday. I had a meeting for HELP's Rush Race that I told Ms Selena I'd attend, so I was in college fifteen minutes before it was supposed to start. That was a bit odd, that the one day I would arrive so early to college would be the day when I didn't actually have a class or anything.

I sat around with Davinia and perhaps a few other people while waiting for eleven o'clock to roll around. We spoke about which cousins Indians were allowed to marry and which they weren't and whether it was weird or not to like your cousin. We also looked through the list of Indian inventions on Wikipedia. Diamonds were on the list, so that was a thing.

At a little past eleven I realized where I had to be and went to the meeting. It was a pretty good meeting. I'm on the committee for a comedic sketch that's supposed to raise RM5000 for the event. It should be fun. The meeting kinda reminded me of NCO council meetings in BB, but the difference is I actually care about helping out with the Rush Race. Also I'm not the person doing the minutes any more, so that's nice, too.

After the meeting was finished I went over to the KPD for the first Christian Fellowship meeting of the year. There weren't any activities planned, so instead we just did praise & worship and prayed for a whole bunch of stuff. It was okay.

When I got back home I was informed by Jan that I had to drive him to get his hair cut before taking him over to Cheras so he could sleep over at Sri Sempurna to get the place ready for Fun Day. Before I did all that we sat down to catch the second half of this show on the National Geographic channel about the Aryan Brotherhood. It was pretty interesting.

I was wondering whether I should've gone with Jan to get my hair cut, too, but I decided to stay in the car and listen to music from Jan's iPod instead. I would've used the radio, but the antennae in the Kancil is busted and we haven't fixed it yet. Jan got back with an okay-looking haircut and I drove him to where he needed to be and then I drove myself back.

When I got back home I think I took a nap. I may have done something before it, but I definitely took a nap at one point. My parents woke me up a few hours later as they were leaving the house. I heated up some spaghetti carbonara and spent a while online before watching Year One on Ian's computer. It was either that or The Hurt Locker, and Year One was shorter. It was a pretty mediocre show, but I had expected as much so I wasn't that disappointed.

After that I read my Psychology textbook and did my sit-ups, and then I fell asleep on the couch.

Anyway since I woke up again this afternoon I haven't done much. I had some carrot cake for breakfast (Or lunch), and I think I brushed my teeth, although I'm not 100% sure on that one. I'm going to spend a bit more time online, and then I'm going to watch a few more movies from Ian's computer, and then I'm going to (as usual) read my Psychology textbook and do some sit-ups. I wonder if I'll be this free next weekend, too. I hope I will, but I guess I'll have homework to do by then.

But yeah, I settled my college fees on Thursday, so I don't really have any pressing items in that department. Once Mr Naj prints out the Physics slides I'll study them and memorize the relevant formulas, and if Mr Chen distributes any Finite Mathematics homework I suppose I'll do that, but right now I'm free, and that is nice. I've also got RM200 left from the RM300 I get each month, which is twice as much as I usually have around this time of the month. That is also nice.

Oh yeah, it's Saturday. Hmm. I guess I'll do twenty-five push-ups this evening alongside my sit-ups and see if I can stick to that. Hopefully daily exercise will make me hungrier so I can eat more and get bigger. This anorexic-type look is getting tiresome.

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