Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today I Will Say Nothing with Less Words than Usual

There usually isn't anything important or interesting in these posts. This one is no different. It's going to be a bit shorter than the average, though. Well, that was what I had originally thought when I started writing this, but then I realized how much had happened today so I might be wrong.

I had three classes today. Finite Mathematics was early in the morning and went by slowly, Physics lab was fun because we got to play with water (I didn't really understand the experiment though, which is pretty bad, I think), and Psychology was fun and interesting.

I met Elo after Physics; it was her first lab class. She was really early so we went to eat lunch. She told me that the people I'd seen her with on Sunday were her cousins.

For Psychology we were let out early to go do some very basic, simplistic research. I was with Denise and the yellow-haired Chinese girl for that. She's okay, I guess. Our task was originally to walk the hall to count how many guys were studying and compare that to how many girls were studying, but when we saw how little there was to count we switched to a different objective and counted to see whether there were more groups or people sitting alone. There were 17 groups of people and 24 people sitting alone. The other groups checked things such as whether girls or guys spent longer in the bathroom (girls spent an average of three minutes, guys spent an average of one), whether students or adults paid more for coffee, and whether strangers would smile at people who smiled at them. It was fun.

After college I went with Hannah to Bangsar Village. I spent my time reading The Lost Symbol, and I'm not sure what Hannah did. Since her phone was broken I told her I'd meet her at the car at five-thirty if she couldn't find me. At five-thirty there was no sign of her, so I went to the car. She wasn't there. I saw her on the escalator as I was going back to MPH, and I told her that the new deal was that if she wanted to go and couldn't find me, I would be at the car every half hour. We stayed and read stuff for another hour before we got a call from home saying dinner was ready.

Dinner was really yummy. We had fried chicken, home-made potato wedges, and some cucumbers.

I took a nap on the couch at around nine o'clock or something. I woke up at eleven or twelve and did my sit-ups and read my Psychology textbook. I can afford to stay up this late because my class tomorrow isn't until two o'clock.

I got my first piece of homework today and I have to remember to pay my fees before Friday.

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