Sunday, January 10, 2010

Driving in the Rain

Today I drove Hannah and Ebony around in the rain, because that is what they wanted to do. We stopped over at Bangsar Village and I spent enough time reading The Lost Symbol to make Hannah impatient, but not enough time to make any significant headway into the book. Oh well.

After that we went to McDonald's and I shared my fries. I paid way too much for that meal. I should stop eating McDonald's unless it's during the discount lunch hour and I'm with friends. We had free carbonara at home, and carbonara is delicious.

Anyway before we went home I drove around for a bit so I could listen to Ian's CDs. The rain was nice, too. I enjoy rainy weather, it changes things and makes them more interesting.

Back at home I read my psychology textbook for a bit again. I think I can stop mentioning that in posts now. I learned about senses. It was cool. Psychology is an interesting subject, I'm glad I chose it. I feel I'm misusing the comma. Perhaps I should use the semicolon instead. This paragraph has lost coherency.

I have two arbitrary thoughts to add to this post: The splotch of dried blood or whatever under my fingernail that I got during my second motorcycle accident is right at the tip now, so it'll be gone soon. There's still a small scar on the finger it's on, though, so I guess I'll always have that to remind me. Also I left the door to the bathroom open when I was brushing my teeth on Friday, and Stefanie walked into our room and saw me naked. The next time she entered our room she didn't knock. I think such an event would have caused me to knock the next time. It was surprisingly unawkward afterwards. Hopefully the angles were such that nothing significant was seen.

Also I watched (500) Days of Summer and it was really good. I'm pretty sure the "day after" scene is the funniest thing I've seen this year. Well, aside from this.

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